As the world’s leading manufacturer of portable spas, we take pride in building the highest quality products available and supplying our customers with the utmost in customer service.These are the attributes that have earned the Company a remarkable record of growth and achievement for over 30 years.

Our commitment, however, goes beyond our products. We are also committed to our team members who help make our success possible. We are dedicated to being a company that employees are proud of.

Since 1977, Watkins has worked diligently to provide an environment where safety and teamwork is encouraged, initiative is rewarded and contributions are valued.


The Watkins Way

At Watkins Manufacturing, our goal to prosper as the world’s #1 manufacturer of hot tubs is a priority; however, creating an atmosphere where employees feel connected, inspired, and encouraged to excel is an absolute imperative. We work hard to create a supportive environment where people come first. The return on this commitment is immeasurable. After all, how do you quantify the value of creating a workplace where people participate, give back, and excel in all areas of their life? That’s The Watkins Way.

We believe it is important to clearly communicate the culture we strive to achieve, and we’re proud to share the keys to who we are:


Watkins Way


Who We Are:

We are always Ethical in our dealings with others
We endeavor to be Transparent in our policies and actions
We are Accommodating whenever possible
We strongly believe in a Work-Life Balance
We will always put Safety First
We are Accountable for our actions and outcomes
We value our Relationships with each other and our customers
We are Passionate about what we do
We are Team Players, yet are Goal Driven

What We Do:

Lean: differentiating value from waste
Customer Focus: creating value through customer insights
Innovation: developing unique and compelling customer solutions
Quality: delivering consistent product and service excellence
Talent: recruiting and retaining talent who can execute our strategy with urgency and accountability

Keys have been used as symbols for centuries because they have the ability to open that which is locked or unknown. Symbolically a key opens the door to opportunity, knowledge, and success. Similarly, the key characteristics outlined in The Watkins Way unlock the hidden potential in all of us.

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