Hot Tub Financing Event

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Find your local dealer to take advantage of this limited-time offer!

Limited Time Offer!*

Don’t miss your chance to own a new Caldera® Spas hot tub during the Hot Tub Financing Event!

Caldera hot tubs are created with a focus on comfort, design and performance. From deep, cradling seats and textured Foot Ridge® to reliable, energy-efficient performance, Caldera gives you the ultimate hot tubbing experience.

The limited-time offer is available on new Utopia® Series and Paradise® Series Spas. Hurry, offer ends March 26!

*At participating dealers only. Subject to credit approval. Terms and conditions apply.

Utopia Series Hot Tubs

Utopia Series represents the finest in luxury spas from Caldera
and provides our best head-to-toe rejuvenation experience.

Avante all-climate cabinetry
Made from durable innovative material that resists rotting and is warrantied not to crack, split or chip.


Elegant, imaginative design
Streamlined architectural elements promote a clean and simple look beaming with modern-day sophistication.


Customizable massage
with powerful jetting and personalized control for the best hydrotherapy experience.

Read Reviews

Watch video to learn more about
Utopia Series spas.



Paradise Series Hot Tubs

A superior blend of premium options and practical functions.

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Watch video to learn more about Hot Tub Circuit Therapy.

EnergyPro® system
Keeps water hot and always ready for use while meeting the most stringent energy standards.


LCD Control Panel
Intuitive and easy to use for simple control of jets, lighting and the integrated wireless sound system (optional).


Comfort features
Massage jets specifically configured for Hot Tub Circuit Therapy® to maximize relief of tired muscles.

About Caldera Spas

Since 1976, Caldera Spas has designed and crafted hot tubs that deliver extraordinary wellness benefits through warm water massage therapy. The Caldera difference is in the details. Our unique balance of comfort, design and performance delivers a transformational experience that invigorates, inspires and renews. And because Caldera spas are engineered for exceptional quality, easy use and high energy efficiency, you can relax with confidence.

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