Get The Incredible Benefits Of Staying Hydrated (Part II)

Here are just a few benefits of drinking water:

Better mental clarity. Our brains are 78% water and just a 2% drop in our body water can reduce short-term memory, impair our ability to solve problems and decrease focus

Greater flexibility, less pain. If you’re dehydrated, water is drawn from the synovial fluid around the joints, leading to joint pain. It also affects disks that require moisture to support your body. And when the body does not have enough water, it produces histamines that cause pain and fatigue in order to slow functions and conserve water. Some research has shown that proper hydration can significantly reduce joint and back pain in 80% of people experiencing it.

Reduced blood pressure. Our blood is about 83% water and its volume is affected by the amount of water in our bodies. If the body detects a loss of blood volume, it closes off less active capillaries to maintain adequate blood flow where it’s needed most. The vessel closings cause a rise in tension inside muscle mass (hypertension). More water results in proper blood volumes and less tension.

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