Shopping For A Hot Tub: Why The Caldera Difference Matters


As you know, the Caldera® team loves to share our knowledge about hot tubs. What you might not know (or may know, if you subscribe to our 20 Minute Renewal blog) is that we’re also hot tub enthusiasts, and that part of our expertise comes from being avid hot tubbers ourselves.


A side view of the amazing energy efficient and beautiful Utopia Tahitian Hot Tub
The Utopia® Series fits into to any back yard design and becomes an instant focal point



So, when I share with you the many thoughtful design features of Caldera hot tubs, it’s not just talk; it’s personal experience coupled with years of learning about and perfecting our product.


An overhead image of a Utopia spa filled with water and blue accent lighting
You know you will Come To Life® in a Utopia Series Spa



From one hot tubber to another, I know we already share the common bond of understanding the transformation that comes with daily spa use, it is also worth noting the careful design and thought behind each Caldera Spa. We have three distinguishing design principles that differentiate Caldera Spas from other hot tub brands:

  • Comfort

    Caldera spas are a full mind-body experience. The jets were designed and arranged to work each of the body’s major muscle groups. This ensures relaxed muscles, which in turn allows for both physical and emotional tension release. In terms of design, Caldera spa seats are sculpted to keep you in place even when the jets are on full power, so you can simply focus on the experience while allowing the jets to work their magic. Attention to mind and body relief has given us the reputation of making the most comfortable hot tubs available.

  • Performance

    Our hot tubs are easy to care for and built to endure years of daily use. We offer high-quality, energy efficient heaters, pumps and other components and durable, reinforced acrylic interior surfaces. And we’re not content to rest on our laurels; we strive to improve our techniques, and design and search for energy-efficiency technologies, such as our new FiberCor® insulation.

  • Style

    Caldera style considerations shape the overall spa experience through the details: LED illumination, the comforting sound of waterfalls or a music entertainment system that plays your favorite hot tub playlist as you renew your body and mind. Customized ambiance means Caldera style is compatible with your style.

When you start your online research or step into a hot tub showroom near you, you can rest assured that the Caldera team has studied and used the products, and that we are interested in the same features and amenities that you are.


A typical tropical California backyard as a couple relaxes and enjoys the ambiance of their Caldera Utopia Niagara spa

Our Utopia models are made to compliment any backyard design style



Many of our hot tubbers also recognize the Caldera Difference:

“Awesome hot tub. We use it at least 4 times per week, if not more. We knew we would use it and enjoy it, but never guessed we would love it as much as we do.”
– CherAl

“This is the best investment we ever made. It is beyond words but just to say a few things: very relaxing. In the late evening, we can lay back and watch the stars as we get the warm water and gentle massaging from the spa water jets.”
– Zack

“This is our second Caldera Spa. We’ve always felt that Caldera Spas are top-quality, and they would be our choice next time too.
– GoofyJW

Read more reviews from Caldera spa owners and let us know what you look for when shopping for a hot tub in a comment below.

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