Treat Yourself During The Holidays


No Tricks, Just the Treat of Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

Halloween seems to set the holiday whirlwind in motion. In my case, it means extra hours in the kitchen preparing for dinner parties, attending work events, multiple trips to the mall, volunteering with charities, wrapping gifts, decorating and finishing with the grand finale of New Year’s Eve. Can you relate? If so, remember that the hustle and bustle of any holiday can be replaced with the silent symphony of the night air, safety of the warm water, and reinvigorating hydrotherapy (including a foot massage) the second you step foot into a Caldera spa. That’s the treat I’m looking forward to after an evening of passing out Halloween candy.

How are you going to spend Halloween? Regardless of what you choose to do, 20 minutes of hot tub hydrotherapy before bed reaps rejuvenating benefits (as listed below).

Taking the kids or grandkids Trick-or-Treating?

You may log miles of suburban neighborhood blocks. You may have to carry a candy-heavy bag and/or cranky toddler part of the way. This can take a toll on your lower back. Add to that the stress of keeping an eye on multiple little ones, and you may find that you crave the quiet, restorative comfort of your hot tub.

After trick-or-treating, settle into your hot tub with the powerful hydromassage jets aimed for your low back. Opt for the intensity level that feels right, but we recommend starting gently and work up to a more powerful massage. Let yourself unwind. You’re likely to enjoy a better night sleep and awake refreshed the next day, too.

Dressing up for Halloween?

There is a good chance that your costume includes some troublesome footwear: bunny feet with no support, heavy, hard-to-balance Franken-boots or possibly some pointy witch shoes to get into the spirit of the night.

It’s okay. On Halloween, we love dressing up! But if your shoes get you down, undo the damage in your hot tub by letting your feet float gently in the warmth and then create a personalized spa experience using the customizable power of the jets to work out any cramps and soreness. Come November 1, you’ll slip back into your regular shoes and walk with ease.

After you’ve handed out the last of the candy, turn off the porch light and sink into sweet, blissful serenity of your hot tub hydrotherapy. Use the jets to target sore or tight areas like neck and shoulders. By sunrise, your bedeviling aches will feel soothed.

There’s nothing quiet like immersing yourself into warm, inviting water under a dark October sky with a cool breeze blowing and leaves falling. It’s no trick; it’s the best Halloween treat!

How will you indulge this Halloween? Share your plans in the comments below!

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