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It’s difficult to resist temptation once the travel bug bites. Whether it is a multi-day excursion or a weekend getaway it takes money, time and planning. What can you do when you just can’t make it happen? Jetting off to faraway places may not be on your itinerary. But enjoying a pulsating jet massage in a personal hot tub like the Caldera® Spas Utopia® Series delivers a getaway experience without leaving home.

“By day’s end you want to be face-down on a massage table or in the warm healing waters of an invigorating jet massage in a luxury hot tub.”

There is a reason the Utopia Series hot tubs are named after vacation destinations. Each name conjures up images that fill your mental landscape: The Tahitian experience, visits to Niagara Falls, Geneva and Cantabria on the coast of Spain. Imagine yourself participating in activities in exotic locations. Your days are long and exhausting in the best kind of way. Traveling takes a lot out of you, but gives so much in return. By day’s end you want to be face-down on a massage table or in the warm healing waters of an invigorating jet massage in a luxury hot tub.

“A hot tub is the best compliment to any day on land, sea or air.”

If you can’t travel the world, having a hot tub accessible at home makes a mental getaway possible any time. Visualization is the next best thing for satisfying the itch of a travel bug bite. A hot tub is the best compliment to any day on land, sea or air. So, mentally grab your passport and let’s explore how travelers and non-travelers experience the hot tub benefits from the Utopia Series that provide the best hot tub jet massage around.



couple enjoys date night in a luxury hot tub on their own patio
The Utopia Series lets you take an instant mental vacation in your own backyard.



Carrying suitcases is tough but worth it.

What kind of hot tub jets help with low back pain?

We completely understand and The LumbarSsage® Seat can help you to relieve lower back pain. It provides a unique configuration of massage jets that relieves tension and pain in the lumbar region of your back. This is available on all the Utopia models including The Tahitian®. This hot tub seats 6 adults and powers 46 jets to create a Tahitian experience you won’t forget. Close your eyes and order a Mai-tai. You are on vacation.

My backpack was overloaded with souvenirs.

How can a hot tub help with neck and shoulder pain?

Although your family and friends will appreciate your gifting gesture, your neck and shoulders need some care. The UltraMassage® is offered in a seat or lounge version depending on the model you choose. Special attention will be paid to your neck, shoulders and mid-back, right where you need it. The Niagara® model offers 52 jets strategically placed throughout the hot tub. Up to 7 adults will enjoy the power of the jets in the Niagara without the inconvenience of jumping on a boat and dawning a poncho to view Niagara Falls.



close up of the Utopia Soul Soothers luxury hot tub foot massage jets
Rejuvenate your tired feet with the Soul Soothers® and Euphoria jet combination featured on our signature Cantabria® Series spa. It’s the largest hot tub for a perfect family getaway.



“Even if you have walked the streets of Geneva or wandered your way to the Swiss Alps, all the models including the Geneva take great care of your feet.”

We walked for miles today.

Can I get a foot massage in a hot tub?

You have exceeded the recommended 10,000 steps by at least 10,000 steps and your feet want to call a meeting. The foundation of any great vacation is built upon your feet. They deserve respect and will let you know it when they have had enough. Even if you’ve walked the streets of Geneva or wandered your way to the Swiss Alps, all the models including the Geneva® take great care of your feet. The Euphoria® jets provide a deep, penetrating massage to feet, calves, knees and thighs. The Soul Soothers® concentrate their efforts of the muscles in your feet that carry your full weight all day. The unique FootRidge® is designed to anchor and hold your foot in place during your jetting massage. The Geneva® model seats 6 people with tired feet. There is plenty of comfort to go around with 55 jets, including two Euphoria® Jets in most Utopia hot tub models.



close up of the full body hot tub seat massage jet design
The EcstaSeat® provides a full-body hot tub massage experience.



We kayaked in the ocean for hours.

Are there hot tub massage jets specifically designed to help with hip pain, and overall body pains?

You do not want hip pain and body soreness to hold you back from enjoying any excursion. Hip Jets are available in the Niagara, Geneva and Cantabria models. They usher in joint pain relief to your hips, an often-overlooked area in other hot tub jet configurations. The EcstaSeat® focuses multiple jets on the large muscles in your back. Some models provide extra care to wrists and calves. Your neck and shoulders benefit from the Atlas Neck Massage® which uses above-the-water-line jets to get busy on those sore spots. To top it off your head will be cradled in a contoured pillow. The Cantabria model, named after a town on the north-east coast of Spain is the biggest of the Utopia Series seating 8 adults with an awesome configuration of 74 jets.

“Keep in mind that a stay-cation in a resort-like retreat that includes a hot tub is just what the doctor ordered.”

Ladies and gentlemen we have come to the end of our traveling today. We hope that you have enjoyed your mental getaway. Keep in mind that a home retreat in a resort-like destination that includes a hot tub is just what the doctor ordered. You may not always be able to get out of town. But you can purchase a luxury hot tub today.

If you are already an owner we would love to hear how you are using your hot tub for your own private getaways.

We are passionate hot tub enthusiasts and appreciate your interest in learning. Read more about the benefits of hot tub use in our hot tub resource library. We are your source for reliable information.

Download a Caldera brochure to learn more. At Caldera Spas we take pride in helping you find ways to “Come to Life®.” We know you are worth it. Feel good. Live well. We are all in this together.



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