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Hot Tub Steps


Our spa steps come in different varieties so you can match the design of your hot tub.

Hot Tub Steps

Caldera® offers spa steps to provide safe and easy entry and exit from your hot tub. Our spa steps come in different varieties so you can match the design of your hot tub. Choose from our Avante® Steps, EcoTech® Steps, and Polymer Steps.


Avante® Spa Steps

Avante® steps match the Avante all-climate cabinet on our Utopia® Series models.
Available in Slate, Brownstone, or Sand.

Avante High End Luxury Hot Tub Steps in Slate Color Avante Best Luxury Hot Tub Steps in Brownstone Color Avante Highest Quality Hot Tub Steps in Sand Color

Avante Spa Steps in Slate

Avante Spa Steps in Brownstone

Avante Spa Steps in Sand


EcoTech® Spa Steps

Steps are essential for safe spa entry and exit. Our durable EcoTech Steps match our spas perfectly, because they’re made from the same material used to construct our exterior EcoTech cabinets.
Available in Coastal Gray, Espresso and Teak.

EcoTech High Quality Hot Tub Steps in Coastal Gray Color EcoTech Designer Hot Tub Steps in Espresso Color EcoTech Best Quality Hot Tub Steps in Teak Color

EcoTech Spa Steps in Coastal Gray

EcoTech Spa Steps in Espresso

EcoTech Spa Steps in Teak


Polymer Hot Tub Steps

This economical 32” hot tub step is durable and lightweight.
Available in Coastal Gray, Espresso and Teak.
They’re also made of recyclable material.

Polymer Best Quality Hot Tub Steps in Coastal Gray Color Polymer Most Affordable Hot Tub Steps in Espresso Color Polymer Highest Rated Hot Tub Steps in Teak Color

Polymer Hot Tub Steps in Coastal Gray

Polymer Hot Tub Steps in Espresso

Polymer Hot Tub Steps in Teak


What You Need to Know About Buying Hot Tub Steps


  • Why You Need Stairs for Your Hot Tub

    a man makes it look easy to open the cover on his hot tub with a hot tub cover lifterAside from a hot tub cover and hot tub cover lifter the most important accessory you will want for you spa are steps to make it easier to get in and out. Your hot tub will be a focal point for relaxation, fun and quality family time. You won’t want to struggle to get in and out of your spa and you won’t want your loved ones to have to struggle either. You might also want to consider a hot tub handrail for added safety.

  • Consider Spa Stair Sizes Carefully

    Every spa has different dimensions and height. For most hot tubs two steps is adequate to be able to safely and conveniently get out of your tub. Be careful of inexpensive after-market hot tub steps that might not be the right height for your spa or have adequate step width or depth.

  • Consider the Construction Materials

    the beautiful utopia cantabria sits on a patio with hot tub steps demonstrating how a hot tub complements your personal worldRemember that like your hot tub, your hot tub steps will be exposed to the weather. You will want steps that are low maintenance and can withstand the elements for the life of your spa. Hot tub stairs should be easy to keep clean and comfortable to walk on with bare feet. You won’t want the risk of splinters or scrapes. Weight is also a consideration. Heavier steps will be harder to move for cleaning and snow removal in colder climates. Your hot tub will be a center of quality time whether with your family, friends or for self-reflection. Getting in and out of your spa should never present difficulty or a hazard. Our line of Polymer hot tub steps is made of recyclable materials.

  • Looks Matter

    Your hot tub will complement your home and be a source of pride and center of attention. It should add to the beauty of your backyard, your patio or wherever it lives. Buy hot tub steps that match or complement the look of your spa.



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