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The pinnacle of comfort, design and performance, Utopia Series models are simple to maintain and unmatched in luxury. Its FreshWater® Salt System keeps water clean up to three times longer.


The Paradise Series has models sized for three to seven adults all with a blend of practical functions and premium options for an immersive hydrotherapy massage, and comes ready to use the FreshWater® Salt System.


The Vacanza Series hot tubs have been thoughtfully designed with options that provide the broadest range of therapeutic benefits at the greatest value.

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If you want to transform tension into rejuvenation every time you step into your hot tub, look no further than Caldera Spas. Use the toggles to find your perfect spa.


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8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Choose Your Spa

You want your hot tub to meet your needs for years to come. To make sure your spa fits your lifestyle, it’s important to consider not only the size, seating and features that are right for you, but also your hot tub’s operating costs, ease of use, quality and reliability.

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