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Covers & Lifters

Note: Only the ProLift® II, ProLift III, or ProLift IV can be installed on 2016 Utopia® spas. The ProLift cover lifter will not work. In addition, no other aftermarket cover lifter can be installed on a 2016 Utopia spa.

ProLift III Hot Tub Cover Lifter

(Requires 30” back clearance and 3” side clearance.)

The sturdy ProLift III lifter has two pneumatic gas shock absorbers to provide smooth, quiet operation. Springs do the heavy lifting, so that very little effort is required to lift or replace the cover, even on larger spa models.

ProLift II Hot Tub Cover Lifter

(Requires 30” back clearance and 3” side clearance.)

Similar in design to the ProLift III, the ProLift II uses a single pneumatic gas shock lifter for smooth operation.

ProLift IV Hot Tub Cover Lifter

(Requires 18” back clearance and 2” side clearance.)

For hot tub decks, gazebos or other areas where clearance is limited, the ProLift IV allows you to position the cover vertically, just behind the spa.

ProLift Hot Tub Cover Lifter

(Requires 14” back clearance and 3” side clearance.)

A great basic cover lifter, the ProLift attaches to both cover and cabinet and has a built-in safety lock feature. Just lift, glide and fold away. Note: The ProLift cover lifter will not work on 2016 Utopia spas.

Replacement Spa Cover

A Caldera Spa Cover is designed for maximum energy efficiency. Its tight seal insulates and locks in heat, saving you money on operating costs. Custom-fit to Caldera Spas, our covers are tapered for water runoff and are made from durable, marine-grade vinyl. All Caldera covers include child-resistant safety locks and incorporate the mounting plates necessary for attaching our cover lifter systems. Our covers also meet or exceed all ASTM safety standards for UL classification.