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“Absolutely have been pleased with our hot tub. My husband is a diabetic with peripheral neuropathy, and the hot tub gives him relief and helps his circulation. Best investment we've ever made!!!”
“Perfect one on one time with my wife. Very relaxing and peaceful.”
“I have had the spa for just about two years now and it has helped tremendously with my lower back pain. If I go three days without sitting in the spa my back will let me know that it is overdue for a spa treatment.”
“We love our spa! It's our very own private retreat. It has become the hub for our most intimate conversations and favorite moments. The features, quality and ease of use allow us to enjoy with peace of mind and no stress!”
“Our Salina hot tub has turned our backyard into our own private resort. We now have the luxury of soaking away the summer evenings, gazing at the stars while receiving a lovely massage provided by those fabulous water jets. Our only regret is that we waited so long to own a Caldera spa.”
“Nothing finishes my day like sitting in my spa, looking at the stars and thinking about my day. On the nights when I spot a shooting star, things are even better. I cannot imagine ever being without my Caldera spa!”
“We have owned several spas and this one is by far the favorite! The jets are amazing.”
“It is a thing of beauty requiring minimal attention. Added benefit: we see the kids more than ever.”
“Feels great on my back and the LED lights are a nice touch. I love how easy it is to use and to maintain! ”
“We did a lot of research before choosing the Caldera brand. We really are happy we chose this one. The care and maintenance is so easy. Seats 6 comfortably. Our thanks to everyone involved in making this high-quality yet affordable spa!!”
“The spa itself it quite enjoyable, the footwell jets are the best part, the sound system is also very nice as I used to use a portable radio. All in all this is a very good, well-made tub with nice well-designed features.”
“We get in our tub every day, even if it is raining. We love it.”
“Love it! Love it! Love it!
We use it in the early morning to enjoy coffee and the birds’ chorus to begin our day. We use it at night to wind down the day and relax with a glass of wine. Best purchase ever. ”
“We love to relax in it almost every night. In the summer, we just keep the water warm and enjoy it just as much! It also really helped with the achy side effects from chemo.”
“It is a thing of beauty requiring minimal attention. Added benefit: we see the kids more than ever.”
“We share the tub with our married children so they can use the hot tub while we benefit from one-on-one time with our grandchildren. It is a joy to get to share this wonderful, relaxing experience with them. We LOVE our Caldera Spa and hope to enjoy it and share it for many more years!”
“I named my spa "my little bit of paradise" because at the end of my work day, I find tranquility and relaxation in my spa. The spa is small yet very spacious for two adults both over 5'8'' and the jets are very powerful. I highly recommend this spa to anyone looking for a two-person spa.”
“Twenty minutes every day I get to unwind, get away and melt away the day's stress. I had wanted a spa for many years and finally got one. One of the best investments I have ever made. Highly recommend it; use it all year round.”
“We have had our spa for 3+ years and love it! It is very easy to maintain, works wonderfully, and has easily met our expectations. The multiple jets with different intensity selections makes for a very relaxing experience. We would buy this spa again in a "flash!"”
“Spending time in this hot tub will take you away from the day-to-day. Having a rough day at work? Jump on in before bed and let that tension go! Having friends over? There is plenty of room and you don't "touch toes” and feel awkward with the neighbors in the tub!”
“We would not have made our purchase if it had not been for our salesperson’s help. Her knowledge of the product and the competition made all the difference, and their deal was too good to turn down. We would definitely recommend Caldera to someone considering a new hot tub.”
“We couldn't decide if we wanted a pool or a hot tub!! We chose a hot tub and we are happy with our decision. We now have grandchildren and don't worry about them falling in the water!!”
“My husband and I turn on the music, jets and lights and sit in the tub for an hour. We take turns relaxing and taking in the massage benefits in each area, and have each other as a captive audience!”
“Whether it's after a tough day at work or a brutal work out at the gym, hitting the tub in the back yard is like a quick vacation to get back into the right frame of mind.”

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