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Dealers who partner with Watkins Wellness gain a competitive advantage with unique marketing and training resources that help put them on a path to success.

When you choose Watkins, you can feel confident that you’ll attract hot tub shoppers who turn into buyers. We amplify your efforts to reach customers with effective digital and local marketing support.

How's Your Current Hot Tub Brand?

Does it:

  • Inspire your sales team?
  • Delight your customers?
  • Set you apart from your competitors?

Make the change to Watkins Wellness and discover how our products, programs and resources can expand your potential.

If nothing changes,
your business stays the same.

Take the quiz.

If at least 3 apply to you, then it’s time to step up to the Watkins Wellness experience
  • Slow-moving product
  • Lack of store traffic
  • Increasing competition
  • No new ideas, energy or creativity in our business
  • Dated, uninspired spas & accessories
  • Minimal manufacturing support
  • No time to make changes
  • My company is too small
  • Few financial resources
  • My staff does not like change
  • Few or poor-quality leads
  • No marketing support or ideas
  • Lack of training expertise or tools
  • We’ve always done it this way…

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Caldera Spas is a fast-growing member of the Watkins family of brands! Learn How Caldera can transform your business!

The Watkins Dealer Experience

Our personal, hands-on orientation includes a proven plan

  •  Unload the truck and best practice check-in
  •  Showroom design and layout
  •  POP assembly and placement
  •  Shipping invoice review
  •  Watkins Wellness® contacts and communication
  •  Online resource sites and tools
  •  Service department best practices
  •  Sales tools review (closing sheet, quote sheet, sales and delivery contract, traffic sheet)
  •  Product knowledge training
  •  Salesforce lead management program
  •  Marketing resource access
  •  Co-op program review
  •  Watkins Wellness training program updates (Sales, Marketing, Service, Management)
  •  Online warranty registration and claims processing
  •  Post-sale customer support and follow-up programs

Choose the brands that reach more shoppers

Caldera is committed to driving traffic into our dealer showrooms. We invest in generating and delivering leads to position our dealers to make the most of every opportunity and sell more spas.

Be part of something greater. Join Caldera Spas and our community of satisfied dealers who are transforming their business and the lives of the customers they serve.

Watkins Wellness is looking for new business relationships in key open markets!