Enhance the Earth-Friendliness of Your Caldera Hot Tub:

1.  A well-maintained hot tub cover and cover lifter are important for insulating your spa when it isn’t in use. Check for any gaps where heat can escape.

2. Consider adding the Caldera Hinge Seal to your spa cover to maximize heat retention in your hot tub.

3. When you use the in-line FROG® water care system that doses a combination of specially-formulated minerals and bromine, you’ll use fewer hot tub chemicals than conventional water care methods.

4. Using the Monarch® CD ozone generator plus Monarch silver cartridge inhibits the growth of bacteria and reduces the need for chemicals. This extends the freshness of your spa’s water and reduces the amount of water used during your spa’s lifecycle.

5.  Replacing your hot tub filters at the recommended intervals helps extend the longevity of your hot tub’s water.

6. Using captured rainwater is an earth-friendly and inexpensive way to replace water loss due to evaporation.

7. Carefully follow the Owner’s Manual for proper water care procedures to avoid adding unnecessary hot tub chemicals or over-dosing.

8. Landscaping around your hot tub with plants and trees creates an attractive environment that assists in reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

9. Properly servicing and maintaining your hot tub helps ensure that it’s running at optimal efficiency.

10. Lowering your spa’s temperature setting a few degrees can reduce its energy usage.