Spa Renderings


To assist you in the design of your backyard, spa specification renderings are available for your use. These renderings are drawn to scale, and can help you determine how to integrate your Caldera® spa into your backyard for optimum enjoyment. Your Caldera spa dealer can also help you enhance your spa as you design a backyard by providing you with ideas for decking and other hot tub accessories and enclosures.



Specification Document
2021 Cantabria Utopia® PDF CAD
2021 Geneva Utopia® PDF CAD
2021 Niagara Utopia® PDF CAD
2021 Tahitian Utopia® PDF CAD
2021 Florence Utopia® PDF CAD
2021 Provence Utopia® PDF CAD
2021 Makena Paradise® PDF CAD
2021 Salina Paradise® PDF CAD
2021 Reunion Paradise® PDF CAD
2021 Seychelles Paradise® PDF CAD
2021 Martinique Paradise® PDF CAD
2021 Kauai Paradise® PDF CAD
2021 Palatino Vacanza® PDF CAD
2021 Marino Vacanza® PDF CAD
2021 Vanto Vacanza® PDF CAD
2021 Tarino Vacanza® PDF CAD
2021 Celio Vacanza® PDF CAD
2021 Aventine Vacanza® PDF CAD
2020 Vacanza Aventine® PDF CAD
2019 Cantabria Utopia® PDF CAD
2019 Geneva Utopia® PDF CAD
2019 Niagara Utopia® PDF CAD
2019 Tahitian Utopia® PDF CAD
2019 Florence Utopia® PDF CAD
2019 Provence Utopia® PDF CAD
2019 Makena Paradise® PDF CAD
2019 Salina Paradise® PDF CAD
2019 Reunion Paradise® PDF CAD
2019 Seychelles Paradise® PDF CAD
2019 Martinique Paradise® PDF CAD
2019 Kauai Paradise® PDF CAD
2019 Palatino Vacanza® PDF CAD
2019 Marino Vacanza® PDF CAD
2019 Vanto Vacanza® PDF CAD
2019 Tarino Vacanza® PDF CAD
2019 Capitolo Vacanza® PDF CAD
2019 Celio Vacanza® PDF CAD
2019 Aventine Vacanza® PDF CAD
2018 Cantabria Utopia® PDF CAD
2018 Niagara Utopia ® PDF CAD
2018 Geneva Utopia ® PDF CAD
2018 Tahitian Utopia ® PDF CAD
2018 Provence Utopia ® PDF CAD
2018 Florence Utopia ® PDF CAD
2018 Makena Paradise ® PDF CAD
2018 Kauai Paradise ® PDF CAD
2018 Martinique Paradise ® PDF CAD
2018 Salina Paradise ® PDF CAD
2018 Tarino Vacanza ® PDF CAD
2018 Palatino Vacanza ® PDF CAD
2018 Vanto Vacanza ® PDF CAD
2018 Marino Vacanza ® PDF CAD
2018 Celio Vacanza ® PDF CAD
2018 Capitolo Vacanza ® PDF CAD
2018 Aventine Vacanza ® PDF CAD
2014 Tarino Vacanza ® PDF CAD
2014 Marino Vacanza ® PDF CAD
2011 Martinique Paradise® PDF CAD
2011 Salina Paradise® PDF CAD
2011 Vanto Vacanza® PDF CAD
2011 Kauai Paradise® PDF CAD
2010 Lina Vacanza® PDF CAD
2010 Hawaiian Paradise® PDF CAD
2010 Elation Aquatic Melodies® PDF CAD
2010 Geneva Utopia® PDF CAD
2010 Martinique Paradise® PDF CAD
2010 Niagara Utopia® PDF CAD
2010 Palatino Vacanza® PDF CAD
2010 Kauai Paradise® PDF CAD
2010 Marino Vacanza® PDF CAD
2010 Tahitian Utopia® PDF CAD
2010 Cantabria Utopia® PDF CAD
2010 Aventine Vacanza® PDF CAD
2010 Moorea® PDF CAD
2010 Cima Vacanza® PDF CAD
2008 Hawaiian Paradise® PDF CAD
2008 Elation Aquatic Melodies® PDF CAD
2008 Kauai Paradise® PDF CAD
2008 Geneva Utopia® PDF CAD
2008 Martinique Paradise® PDF CAD
2008 Niagara Utopia® PDF CAD
2008 Tahitian Utopia® PDF CAD
2008 Aventine® PDF CAD
2008 Moorea® PDF CAD

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