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20 Minutes of Meditation

For inner calm, focus on your breathing.

Dr. Weil says relaxed breath exercises are a “natural tranquilizer” for the nervous system. He recommends practicing your breathing at least twice a day.

Refresh & Rejuvenate

Water is a key ingredient for your health. Drink up.

There are many benefits to staying hydrated every day, including better mental clarity. Do you know how much to drink each day?

Invest in Your Health

20-minutes is all you need to feel renewed

If you're paying monthly gym fees but having a heck of a time getting there, here's a resource that can help. It's called "20-Minute Renewal" and it's FREE. Think of us as your personal mind-body recharging station.

To get the wellness benefits of their hot tubs in the summer, many owners soak in the cooler morning hours or in the evening as the heat of the day dissipates. Mornings in a hot tub offer a way to start the day refreshed, relaxed and limber, while evenings provide those benfits and a way to sleep better.

Yet when summer days really heat up, some people find it challenging to find a comfortable time to use their hot tub.

Until now.

Can I Use My Hot Tub To Stay Cool?

While many hot tub users prefer to keep their spa water hot year round, every summer, some users look for ways to cool down in their spas. Usually, that involves turning off the heater and letting the water slowly cool over time. Problem is, it can take a very long time for water temperature to drop on a hot day and just as long to warm back up.

Now Caldera Spas offers a way to cool down and get more use from your hot tub, even on a blistering summer day in Arizona.


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At first, it seems a little odd - you narrow down the list of hot tubs you’re interested in, then go to the dealer, slip into your swimsuit and climb into a hot tub, right there on the showroom floor.

If your dealer offers a test soak, take advantage of it. It's a great way to understand what you're buying and to compare models you're considering.

Of course, there are many factors to consider when learning about hot tub options, including brand reputation, quality, energy efficiency, customer service, warranty and projected daily operating costs. However, some impressions are best realized through experience.

OK, I’m in. It Feels Great. Now What?

Sure, enjoy the sensation and see how it feels to relax deeply. But you’re here to learn far more than that. 

Here’s what to look for as you test a hot tub:


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This is the second post in a two part series on how a hot tub can improve your fitness routine. Read part one here.

A fully integrated workout strategy should go beyond the actual workout to include important essentials such as nutrition, rest and recovery time.

Can I Stretch In My Hot Tub?

Dynamic stretching is the preferred method of preparing for a workout. But in a hot tub, muscles relax and loosen, allowing for some light static stretching. While hot tubs are not designed as a stretching station, you can perform some gentle stretches and movements to help muscles loosen and elongate.


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A fully integrated workout strategy should go beyond the actual workout to include important essentials such as nutrition, rest and recovery time.

This is the first post in a two part series on how a hot tub can improve your fitness routine.

Recovery refers to techniques and actions taken to maximize your body’s ability to repair itself. There are many facets to recovery, including hydration, stretching, stress management and developing the proper mental state.


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This top tips for building hot tub decks post is from the experts at Real Cedar.com, check them out to see why you should consider authentic cedar for your deck.

Designing a deck specifically for a hot tub requires a lot of forethought. There’s additional engineering considerations, ergonomic factors, aesthetic principals – to name just a few building-plan issues.  These added challenges are something that Stéphan Beaulieu understands better than most. That’s because the Montreal contractor and president of Patios et Clôtures Beaulieu, Inc has more than 200 hot tub decks under his tool belt. And these aren’t your average slapped together platforms. His fully integrated outdoor living spaces are renowned for maximizing the soakers’ experience - year round! 


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Simple Self-Care Tips To Fit Your Busy Schedule

We know soaking in your Caldera spa 20 minutes a day can have positive effects on how you feel, just as other small changes in your daily routine can help you, too. If you want to feel stronger, sleeker, and supercharged to live with more vitality, we have a resource for that.

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