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20 Minutes of Meditation

For inner calm, focus on your breathing.

Dr. Weil says relaxed breath exercises are a “natural tranquilizer” for the nervous system. He recommends practicing your breathing at least twice a day.

Refresh & Rejuvenate

Water is a key ingredient for your health. Drink up.

There are many benefits to staying hydrated every day, including better mental clarity. Do you know how much to drink each day?

Invest in Your Health

20-minutes is all you need to feel renewed

If you're paying monthly gym fees but having a heck of a time getting there, here's a resource that can help. It's called "20-Minute Renewal" and it's FREE. Think of us as your personal mind-body recharging station.

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Yes. Absolutely, yes. Unequivocally, yes.

It’s not about strength or mere convenience. It’s about protecting your cover, your hot tub and your back.

How Do They Work?

Generally a cover lifter has a bar that rests against the fold in the cover. After unclipping the child safety locks from the front of the cover, you simply fold it back over that bar. Then, as you fold back one more time, the cover is mechanically brought back, off the hot tub surface and held in place. It’s easy to do by yourself in seconds.

The only negative is that most lifters disrupt the attractive, clean lines of a spa and the look of a smooth flat cover. That’s why Caldera Spas integrates the lifter bar inside the cover. The integrated bar helps complement the spa’s design, resulting in a much cleaner look and a more attractive design aesthetic.


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There are several regular tasks necessary to maintain your hot tub. While each one is relatively easy and doesn’t require a lot of time, it’s important to perform these tasks on schedule.


Check and clean the skimmer basket. Remove leaves and any debris that may have accumulated. Keeping the basket clean will ensure proper water flow.

You should also use a test strip to test and then and adjust the water pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and sanitizer levels at least once a week. It’s an easy process that takes only a few minutes of your time.


Clean your filter. Just use a garden hose, spray the filter and rotate while spraying to thoroughly remove any debris lodged between the filter pleats. Use a degreaser to clean filters while changing water in the spa.

Every Three To Four Month

Drain and refill the hot tub. Wipe the surface clean with a soft cloth before refilling. Instructions for refilling and initially balancing the water are available in the owner’s manual.


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Hot tub seats are like office chairs. Some are comfortable, some aren’t. Some are ergonomically designed while others seem to be beautiful but not functional. If you’ve spent much time in an office chair, you know that the seat really does matter.

At Caldera Spas, here’s what’s important to us:


Caldera Spas seats have a deep well that cradles you comfortably and places your bottom lower than your knees. That design decompresses your spine and keeps you aligned while in a seated position. That helps relieve the pressure from parts of the body that experience weight and the effects of gravity all day long.


Our hot tubs are designed in a way to keep the water’s buoyancy and the jet power from floating you out of the seat. That’s especially important for people of smaller stature. There’s also a foot ridge unique to Caldera spas that keeps you in your seat even when the jets are on high so that you can relax and enjoy the massage. After all, it’s difficult to relax if you’re using muscles to keep yourself stable in the moving water.



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In this blog series, we often make the case that a spa is an investment in your wellness, a personal retreat where you can rejuvenate and revitalize body and mind every day.

Yet it can offer you so much more than “me time” as a place to reconnect with those close to you. It’s a benefit that shouldn’t be undervalued, because your personal connections and relationships play a big part in your overall well-being.

And a spa can help with those connections even if you never get in!

Yes, time in your spa can help encourage conversations you might not otherwise have. You may hear more from your teenager during a 20-minute soak than you have in weeks. The bonds you have are already there, but that quiet relaxing time and the conversations that emerge can strengthen them even more. The same is true with your friends when you have them over for some time in the hot tub.


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Simple Self-Care Tips To Fit Your Busy Schedule

We know soaking in your Caldera spa 20 minutes a day can have positive effects on how you feel, just as other small changes in your daily routine can help you, too. If you want to feel stronger, sleeker, and supercharged to live with more vitality, we have a resource for that.

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