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20 Minutes of Meditation

For inner calm, focus on your breathing.

Dr. Weil says relaxed breath exercises are a “natural tranquilizer” for the nervous system. He recommends practicing your breathing at least twice a day.

Refresh & Rejuvenate

Water is a key ingredient for your health. Drink up.

There are many benefits to staying hydrated every day, including better mental clarity. Do you know how much to drink each day?

Invest in Your Health

20-minutes is all you need to feel renewed

If you're paying monthly gym fees but having a heck of a time getting there, here's a resource that can help. It's called "20-Minute Renewal" and it's FREE. Think of us as your personal mind-body recharging station.

For many people, the “winter blues” arrive every year. Some people may feel mildly down in the dumps while others may experience serious depression that should be professionally treated. Collectively, the condition is called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD for short.

There are many ways to deal with SAD, depending on its severity. And in most cases, your hot tub can be a positive component in helping you feel less blue. But first…

What is SAD?

SAD is linked to a biochemical imbalance that’s prompted by shorter days and less natural light. As the seasons change, some people experience a shift in their biological clocks that puts them out of step with their daily rhythm.


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Quick, take a mental snapshot of your hot tub. What do you see? You’ve probably visualized the beautiful space where it's located -- sparkling water, pulsing jets, maybe beautiful night-time lighting.

You probably didn't think about the cover. Yet your cover is an important component that keeps your hot tub clear of debris, running efficiently, saving you money and energy.

After all your spa cover does for you, what have you done for it lately?


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You’ve seen the lists appear now and then in nearly every publication. What’s in, what’s out. What’s hot, what’s not. Here’s our own fun version, featuring great things to bring into your hot tub and what you should probably leave out.

What’s IN!


Ok, that’s almost too easy. But it’s never a bad idea to remind yourself what 20 minutes a day in your hot tub can do for your overall personal wellness, your physical mobility and your peace of mind. Bring in your sore muscles and achy joints, then leave with them feeling rejuvenated.

A Flexible Attitude

We all get grumpy at one time or another. Bring in that crankiness, but with the intention and positive belief that things are about to change for the better! Relax and watch the clouds vanish. A hot tub soak is a great way to positively influence your mood and help you emerge with a refreshed perspective.


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Most healthcare professionals recommend eight to nine hours of sleep a night. Most of us probably haven’t slept that long regularly since we were kids. For some of us, stress keeps us awake at night. Some of us stay up too late, or overstimulate out brains with our phones, tablets or T.V.s. We can all go to sleep earlier, and disconnect earlier.

One way we recommend getting better sleep is through regular hot tub use. Regular hot tub use helps you relax, wind down, and get ready to sleep better, healthier and longer. Before you climb in bed, slide into that hot tub to help wind-down from the day.

As you’ll see, Calder owners regularly agree with us! Here's what some of our Caldera owners have share on our Caldera Voices online community.



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Walking has been shown to offer significant health benefits. It’s also an exercise with the lowest dropout rate. So once you get started, you’ll be less likely to stop.

How Much Should I Walk?

The magic number is 10,000 steps, which equates to about five miles. You’ll see the number as a daily target goal in the recommendations of nearly any reputable health organization. Surprisingly, the 10,000 steps idea wasn’t originally based on scientific evidence but was started as part of a slogan by a Japanese pedometer company.

Since then, research has confirmed that 10,000 steps is indeed a milestone number that provides great health benefits.


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Simple Self-Care Tips To Fit Your Busy Schedule

We know soaking in your Caldera spa 20 minutes a day can have positive effects on how you feel, just as other small changes in your daily routine can help you, too. If you want to feel stronger, sleeker, and supercharged to live with more vitality, we have a resource for that.

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