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20 Minutes of Meditation

For inner calm, focus on your breathing.

Dr. Weil says relaxed breath exercises are a “natural tranquilizer” for the nervous system. He recommends practicing your breathing at least twice a day.

Refresh & Rejuvenate

Water is a key ingredient for your health. Drink up.

There are many benefits to staying hydrated every day, including better mental clarity. Do you know how much to drink each day?

Invest in Your Health

20-minutes is all you need to feel renewed

If you're paying monthly gym fees but having a heck of a time getting there, here's a resource that can help. It's called "20-Minute Renewal" and it's FREE. Think of us as your personal mind-body recharging station.

When it comes to swim suits and your hot tub, there are a few basic things to consider:
1. Should I have a separate swimsuit just for my hot tub? 

It’s not a bad idea. You probably don’t want to use a suit that’s been at the lake or the ocean, because you don’t want to bring minerals or even biological agents into your hot tub. Suits you use at the pool or lake will also tend to accumulate lotion or sunscreen, which will also compromise the quality of the water in hot tubs. 
2. Will hot tub chemicals damage my swimsuit? 
Hot tub chemicals can be tough on a suit over time. It’s a good idea to choose a suit that’s made with durable fabrics such as nylon. Suits that contain a larger blend of Lycra® spandex will tend to show wear much more quickly, especially in hot tubs that use chlorine. 
3. Will my suit fade? 

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Ideas for stretching muscles have varied over the years, but the last decade has negated nearly all of them. 
Until recently, the recommended preparation for most workouts involved “static stretching.” You’d stretch different muscles by pulling them to their limit and holding the stretch for 30 seconds, then release and repeat. 
What’s wrong with static stretching?
Static stretching is now known to decrease a muscle’s strength, its range of motion and its flexibility. In short, it’s doing exactly the opposite of what you wanted to accomplish. 
The static stretch signals to the body that it needs to protect the muscle from becoming overstretched. The muscle reacts by contracting, becoming shorter and as much as 30 percent weaker (Sept 2008, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, University of Nevada). As a result, the muscle can stay in a weakened state for up to a half hour. 

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Sleep is normally preceded by a drop in body temperature. If that’s true, how could a hot tub help?

First, soaking in a hot tub helps you relax mentally while the water’s buoyancy helps decompress your joints. Your circulation increases while your blood pressure and heart rate decreases, helping you reach a resting state. In the hot tub, your body temperature rises. Yes, rises.

What happens after that relaxing soak also helps. You maintain the sense of calm and relaxation that naturally helps you fall asleep. But now, your core body temperature begins to drop as you cool down, signaling to your body that it’s time to sleep.

Whatever the science, soaking before bedtime seems to be a universal remedy for helping people sleep.

Lack of sleep can leave you feeling nervous, groggy and depressed or cause erratic mood swings. Because sleep researchers believe that insomnia can be traced to hectic, stressful lifestyles, relaxing in a spa regularly can help.


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Now’s the time to rock your world with a Caldera Spa!

Have you ever noticed how quickly music can change your mood?  

A backyard spa retreat is the ideal place for family and friends to gather, relax, and renew. Listening to music can have a relaxing effect on your mind and body. Incorporate music into your busy life, even during your hot tub time, and see how you feel.
A Caldera spa is a place for personal relaxation and reflection. Which song helps you relax and reconnect in your hot tub? If you don’t know, now is the time to find out!
From June 12-22 during the Caldera Spas Rock Your World Spa Sale, you can add music to the mix with a Bluetooth music system FREE with spa purchase OR take advantage of 15 months special financing on approved credit. 

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You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to burn more calories. Just walk faster.

A 2006 study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that walkers in their fifties burned 25% more calories when they increased their walking speed a mere half mile per hour from 3.6 mph to 4.1 mph (as reported in More Magazine (Michelle Stanten). 

The number of calories burned increases dramatically with just small increases in speed. Add another half mile per hour from 4.1 to 4.6 and the effect burns 32 percent more calories.

The critical pace to reach and exceed is 4 mph, according to Mark Fenton, walking guru and former Olympic speed walker. For every tenth you add beyond 4 mph, the caloric burn advantage begins to cascade. Exceed 5 mph, you burn more calories than if you were running. That’s because running leaves you temporarily airborne, creating a pause in energy output, and your landing provides a spring for the next step. Fast walking requires steady muscular effort at every stage of movement.


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Simple Self-Care Tips To Fit Your Busy Schedule

We know soaking in your Caldera spa 20 minutes a day can have positive effects on how you feel, just as other small changes in your daily routine can help you, too. If you want to feel stronger, sleeker, and supercharged to live with more vitality, we have a resource for that.

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