​Caldera® Spas Paradise® Series Earn Rave Reviews!

Considering a new hot tub? Understanding the Caldera difference can make the decision of what hot tub brand to buy easy. After that, it’s all about choosing the perfect model for your space, family, and lifestyle. To make the decision easier, Caldera spas are grouped into three distinctive series, our luxury Utopia Series, value priced Vacanza Series, and the popular Paradise Series.

Our Paradise Series models have features to delight even the most discriminating hot tub buyer. With options ranging in size from the compact, three-person Kauai® to the roomy seven-person Reunion® and Salina® models, this series offers the unmatched comfort, design, and performance that Caldera spas are known for.

Natural Feeling Water That’s Gentle on Skin, Eyes, and the Planet.

If clear, fresh, natural-feeling water (not to mention simple maintenance) are on your wish list, you can be confident in choosing a model from this versatile range. That’s because each Paradise Series spa comes ready to use our patented Freshwater® Salt System

The FreshWater Salt System uses fewer chemicals than traditional water care, reducing harsh odors for softer-feeling water that is gentler on eyes and skin. With fewer additives needed, the water can stay clean and fresh for up to a full year before needing to be drained and refilled. This conserves water, saves money and reduces time previously spent on water care.

Spa Owners Speak Out About The Caldera Difference.

With 40+ years of experience, Caldera Spas is one of the most trusted hot tub brands in the world. With unparalleled comfort, rejuvenating hydrotherapy, and design details that delight the senses, these hot tubs check all the boxes. But don’t take our word for it, read what real-life owners have to say about their Paradise Series spas...

Paradise Series Spas look as good as they feel with sleek, contoured shells and stylish EcoTech cabinets. With a range of decorator inspired shell and cabinet colors to choose from, you can customize your spa to compliment your home and landscaping.

  • It’s the Perfect Addition to Your Backyard Paradise.

  • " Once installed, it was extremely easy to use, and even easier to maintain. The salt system ROCKS!   "

  • -  Salina Spa Owner, Pennsylvania  -

  • We LOVE Our Caldera Seychelles!

  • " After it arrived and we started it up, we were in our spa virtually every night throughout the winter. The Freshwater Salt System has made it so simple to manage water quality. After five months of use the water is still crystal clear with no chemical smell.   "

  • -  Seychelles Spa Owner, Delaware  -

  • A Great Saltwater Spa!

  • " The Martinique spa has been a great investment in self-care. There’s nothing better than getting in on a cold evening. It just warms you up instantly. Also, maintenance has been easy after the chemicals were balanced. We love our spa!   "

  • -  Martinique Spa Owner, Pennsylvania  -

With a hot tub in your backyard, you’ll look forward to the daily ritual that melts away stress - leaving you feeling calm, centered and ready to tackle life’s next adventure:

  • I Love My Tub

  • " I bought the Kauai in November and use it six to seven nights per week. I work a lot of hours and am on my feet throughout the day. This hot tub relaxes me every single night. Having the jets work on my back, my calves, and my feet while I’m in the lounge chair is amazing. I can even move into other positions for upper or lower back jets. My hot tub is the best purchase I’ve ever made. I’m feeling and sleeping so much better. Thanks!   "

  • -  Kauai Spa Owner, California  -

  • I Wish I’d Bought One Sooner!

  • " This is my first hot tub and it has been a great addition to my home. I use the spa regularly after the gym, or just to relax. I think the salt system really helps keep the water clean. It was definitely worth the extra expense. Our spa has a recliner seat and jets for just about everything – feet, legs, upper back, and lower back. We feel great every time we use it.   "

  • -  Seychelles Spa Owner, Texas  -

What can we say about our hot tubs that our happy customers haven’t said already? If you want to take the next step beyond researching different models and hot tub prices, check out our immersive 360° product tour online - you can virtually walk up to each hot tub and even step inside. Once you’ve checked out a few options on your own, contact your local dealer to arrange a test soak and see for yourself how a Paradise Series spa can help you Come to Life®.

You can also learn more about this line of Caldera spas by downloading a free brochure now.

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