​​Inflatable Hot Tubs vs. Above-Ground Hot Tubs: Which Is the Right Choice for You?

An inflatable hot tub can seem like a simple, inexpensive way to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. But when the initial novelty wears off, are you really getting the long term benefits you deserve?

If you’ve been seeing ads for inflatable hot tubs popping up everywhere and asking yourself “Why not?” Here are some things we hope you’ll consider before you click that “add to cart” button…

Experience The Caldera® Spa Difference that Provides Comfort, Performance and Design

Spend just a few minutes online and you’ll find there are a lot of hot tubs for sale, and retailers who want you to believe there are real reasons for buying an inflatable hot tub versus choosing a quality above-ground model.

As one of the most trusted spa brands in the world, we’re committed to delivering a spa that will continue to delight you and your family for years to come. And we stand behind that promise, by backing each one with our exceptional ComfortGuard® limited warranty - one of the best in the industry. The pure comfort and relaxation that melts away the stress of the day and helps you Come To Life® is the result of our dedication to quality engineering and craftsmanship. You can’t get that from an inflatable hot tub, and there’s no substitute for the well-being that comes from making a warm soak part of your ongoing wellness ritual.

Bottom line; if you’re going to own a hot tub, you deserve one that offers you the Caldera Spa difference.

A Caldera spa is the perfect spot to enjoy distraction-free quality time with loved ones.

A Great Hot Tub Can Bring Priceless Memories

Even the best inflatable hot tub is only going to offer you a few seasons (at most) of family fun. Is that really the best use of your time or money?

Life moves so fast, and children grow up so quickly. If you are considering a hot tub because you want to form deeper connections with loved ones, it makes sense to choose a product that will bring the whole family joy and well being during the years your children are at home, and beyond. When you consider long-term costs, as well as differences in hot tub maintenance needs, the choice between an inflatable hot tub versus an above-ground hot tub becomes simple.

A quality hot tub isn’t just about cabinets, shells and jets. Your hot tub haven will be a place to celebrate the precious time you have together with your partner, children, or friends. Enjoy those priceless hours in a quality hot tub that has plenty of room for everyone, and that offers clear water and a relaxing massage.

The right hot tub becomes part of your daily ritual

The right hot tub becomes part of your daily ritual.

A regular soak, in the morning or evening, can help you wash away the stress of a busy life. It can also give you the perfect place to connect with loved ones, gather your thoughts, and ease aches and pains so you’re ready to take on life’s next adventure.

A quality spa requires a bigger up-front investment than an inflatable hot tub, but that cost seems small when you consider the years of comfort, wellness, and connection with loved ones it can provide. Also, with three distinct groupings: the Utopia® Series, the Paradise® Series and the Vacanza® Series we’ve made it easy to find a Caldera model for any space or budget.

Want a Hot Tub That Brings You Lasting Joy?

Caldera Spas focuses on crafting comfortable, energy-efficient, high-performance spas with a reputation for reliability — that means you’ll enjoy the long-term relaxation and health benefits that a quality spa can offer. Each Caldera spa is carefully designed and constructed to provide a premium experience and transform your life.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact your local Caldera Spa dealer to take a tour of our models and arrange for a test soak today!

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