National Relaxation Day – August 15


A Helpful Reminder to Reconnect with Family

VISTA, Calif., AUGUST 14, 2014 – It’s the height of summer and families are juggling work, vacation plans and end-of-summer of activities, not to mention paying attention to a growing array of tech gadgets that seem to occupy every waking second of modern existence. With so much activity going on, the August 15 celebration of National Relaxation Day is a timely reminder of the importance of slowing down, taking a break from busy schedules and ever-present technology, and reconnecting with family.

In today’s hyper-scheduled society, everyone from toddlers to adults seems to have commitments at every hour of every day. Coupled with a “plugged-in” world, it becomes difficult to create and maintain healthy family bonds. Yet making time for relaxing, one-on-one time with family to talk and catch up on each other’s lives remains vital.

“Families can get stuck in their busy, daily routines, forgetting to take a breath and relax, and losing out on the special times,” says Shelly Roberts, brand manager for Caldera® Spas. “Making the effort and taking the time to relax with family is essential, and National Relaxation Day is a terrific day to start establishing new rituals that promote family bonding.”

Here are five tips and relaxing activities that allow the whole family to reconnect:

Slow down – Rush less and avoid distractions and missing the details of family members’ lives.

Play a sport together – Engender fun and camaraderie with a little friendly competition—like a flag football game in the yard

Schedule game night – Let family members take turns picking their favorite game.

Cook together – Measure the ingredients ahead of time for success with little ones.

Ask more than “yes” or “no” questions – Start by asking each family member to give their “high” and “low” from the day.

Establishing a family ritual also promotes connection. The Garners, a family of four in Southern California, gather in their backyard hot tub regularly to relax, play and reconnect.

“There are stories from my kids that I probably wouldn’t hear if we were sitting around playing video games,” shares mom Carol in a two-minute video. “As the kids get older, it will be a great way for us to continue to bond.”

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