Utopia® Series

The Utopia series features architecturally inspired cabinetry, easy-to-use touchscreen controls, and a top-of-the-line hydrotherapy experience. They’re also easy to care for, with the FreshWater IQ system, which comes standard on all Utopia Series spas. This high-performance series is unlike anything else. And it’s waiting for you.

Utopia® Models.

Seats 8|MSRP: $25,9991
Seats 6|MSRP: $21,9991
Seats 7|MSRP: $21,9991
Seats 6|MSRP: $20,4991
Seats 6|MSRP: $20,4991
Seats 3|MSRP: $16,4991

Designed to Delight.

Seats & Jets

Take a seat. You’ll immediately feel the Caldera difference, thanks to the unique, body-hugging contours and ergonomically designed configurations. Utopia Series spas take jet massage to a new level with added hip, wrist, and neck jets for a full body experience.

Hot Tub Circuit Therapy®

Each Utopia model has up to eight Hot Tub Circuit Therapy® stations. Rotate through the circuit for a full body massage or just concentrate on the areas that need the most attention. Experience transformation in just 20 minutes.

FreshWater® IQ System

Our innovative water care system automatically generates the perfect amount of chlorine, uses smart monitoring technology to test your water every hour and provides clear instructions if adjustments are needed.

EcoTech® Plus Cabinet

Strength meets style with the EcoTech® Plus cabinet. Available in three contemporary colors, our premium cabinet includes a modern black header, wood grain accent, stainless-steel trim and integrated LED light bar that will complement any backyard aesthetic.

Touchscreen Controls

Easily adjust jets, lighting, optional wireless sound system, and optional FreshWater Salt System with the intuitive Advent® touchscreen control panel. Each Utopia model also features an auxiliary control panel, so you can adjust jets and lights from a secondary location within the spa.


Create a special ambiance with the adjustable SpaGlo® lighting system that accents individual zones throughout the spa, such as bar top, footwell, waterfall, and exterior front panel.


Music-ready Utopia models include low profile integrated speakers that can be paired with our Bluetooth® wireless sound system. You can also enjoy live TV and streaming video from the comfort of your spa with the optional 22” 1080P wireless monitor with anti-glare screen and optional vinyl cover.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to the energy saving features built into every Caldera spa, the Utopia series features a thermal isolated base pan that beautifully frames the bottom of the spa while minimizing ground contact and improving energy efficiency.

The EnergyPro circulation pump in our Utopia Series spas saves you money by operating at a very low wattage to filter water. Heater use is reduced, as energy used to operate the pump is transferred back to the water as heat.

See How Our Hot Tubs Complement Your Space.

With Vision AR by Caldera Spas you can see any of our hot tubs in 3D, try out different color schemes, and easily position them in your space.

Utopia® Reviews.

We LOVE our Caldera hot tub so much that we use it every day... We have noticed we are sleeping better and the aches and pains aren't a daily issue. Also, with the Freshwater Salt system, the amount of maintenance is minimal. We definitely recommend the Caldera brand & are so happy with our purchase.

Geneva Spa Owner, Ohio

This is our second Caldera hot tub. We have one at both houses now and love the quality of the tubs. We looked at other hot tubs and came back to Caldera for the quality and price. This hot tub is huge and the jets are perfect for all parts of your body! We absolutely love it!

Cantabria Spa Owner, Michigan

We are a family of 5 and all are enjoying the hot tub. Great for after a workout, stressful day, or having a bunch of friends over. We were thrilled with the service we received, everyone was helpful and very kind. Could not be happier!

Geneva Spa Owner, Massachusetts

Since we have gotten our hot tub, we are in it every day … we really feel it has helped our stress levels immensely. We sleep better and have fewer muscle aches … we talked about getting one for years and we looked at a bunch before deciding on the Geneva …. It was well worth the wait.

Geneva Spa Owner, Maine

After more than one year, I have not regretted having a spa and a nice, big, good-looking one like the Cantabria is a great choice. It has 8 seats and each one provides a slightly different massage experience. The big jet that shoots from the bottom is great to massage my legs after a long bike ride.... I love it.

Cantabria Spa Owner, California

We thought about purchasing a spa for years and since we received our Tahitian, my only regret is that I waited so many years to buy it. Our entire family loves spending some time in the spa…. It's a high quality spa that I would buy again in a heartbeat.

Tahitian Spa Owner, Connecticut
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Find a Dealer.

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