The Utopia® Series

Better by Design

An exclusive combination of high-performance details make each Utopia spa a hydrotherapy powerhouse that’s easy to use with low operating costs. It’s the most ideal personal care experience, and a visually-stunning backyard focal point.

Every model is ready to use with our simple and intuitive FreshWater® Salt System for longer lasting, natural feeling water.


Utopia Spa Models

Cantabria ®

Seats 8 Adults

9' x 7'7" x 38"

74 Jets


Geneva ®

Seats 6 Adults

7'5" x 7'5" x 38"

55 Jets


Niagara ®

Seats 7 Adults

7'5" x 7'5"x 38"

52 Jets


Tahitian ®

Seats 6 Adults

7' x 7' x 36"

48 Jets



Seats 6 Adults

7' x 7' x 36"

46 Jets



Seats 4 Adults

6'6" x 7' x 35"

43 Jets



Check out the new features of the Utopia®

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    • Feature 1

      Bar Top

      Bar top has crisp lines with large flat surfaces and more room to set a drink.

    • Feature 2

      FreshWater® Salt System Ready

      A cartridge-based system that automatically generates chlorine from salt for fresh, clean water for a full year. Starter kit required.

    • Feature 3

      Stainless Steel

      Dimensional stainless steel trim and black spacer highlight the spa's appeal.

    • Feature 4


      Durable and innovative AvanteTM cabinetry is available in three earth mineral hues.

    • Feature 5

      ABS Base Pan

      The new ABS base pan beautifully frames the bottom of the spa and minimizes ground contact to protect components, improve energy efficiency and add support.

    • Feature 6

      Cabinet Lighting

      Integrated cabinet lighting brightens all four corners of the surrounding area. The lighting can be set to automatically come on at the same time every evening.

    • Feature 7

      Diagnostic logo

      A functional diagnostic logo light shows that the spa is working at the proper temperature and whether it needs servicing.

    Design Features

    Redesigned seat geometry enhances comfort and provides superior ease-of-use.

    The FreshWater Salt System keeps water clean and fresh for a year.

    Two Euphoria® Jets in the footwell can work independently or simultaneously to deliver the ultimate foot massage.

    The Avante™ steps are two-tiered to match the Avante all-climate cabinet in our Utopia® models.

    The existing SpaGlo® zone lighting is now enhanced with an interior LED Points-of-Light multi-color system for even more dramatic impact.

    Deeper foot ridges in the lounge seat provide more area for enchanting feet and to better enjoy the effects of the back jets.

    Speaker grill surface mounts are built into the shell and contoured pillows provide comfortable neck support.

    The elegant new jet face design incorporates a textured diamond pattern accented by stainless steel trim for a contemporary look.

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