What If I Don’t Buy A Hot Tub Cover Lifter?

Without a cover lifter, you’d fold the cover back and then manually slide it off the hot tub. Cover stands are available to keep the cover off the ground, but if you’re doing this task by yourself, at least one edge of the cover will rest against the ground as you do it. More than likely, a corner is going to bang against the ground and possibly get damaged. Getting the cover back onto the hot tub is a task that’s not easy for one person, mostly because of the unwieldy nature of a large cover and lack of proper leverage. Over time, covers may get heavier from moisture build-up, making a cover lifter even more of an advantage.

It’s also much more likely that your cover could be damaged as you take it on and off your hot tub. That damage can affect the cover’s energy efficiency and wind up costing you money in energy bills.

And worst of all, anecdotal evidence suggests you’ll tend to use your hot tub much less if getting the cover off and on is difficult and time consuming.

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