Getting Started with the FreshWater® System

Enjoying the benefits of the FreshWater® Salt System is easy and can be accomplished by following the steps below. For more detailed instructions, please refer to the system’s Start-up Guide and Owner’s Manual.

System Start-Up

1. Fill spa with water
2. Treat for metals if necessary
3. Test and balance spa water
4. Add salt
5. Shock with chlorine
6. Reduce calcium hardness
7. Set output level

On-Going Maintenance

The spa’s control panel will remind you to check the water using a test strip every 10 days and confirm the chlorine output level.

1. Test and Balance Spa Water: use the FreshWater® 5-Way Test Strip, included in the Start-up Kit, to determine if any adjustments are needed.
2. Confirm Output Level: adjust the output level as required to maintain a 1-5 ppm chlorine reading.
3. Replace Cartridge: After four months, the Control Panel will alert you to replace the salt system cartridge. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to quickly replace the cartridge.

Essentials for Success

Here are a few recommendations to ensure the best possible experience with the FreshWater® Salt System:

• Reduce Calcium in Water – Keep calcium hardness levels at or below 50 ppm to prevent scaling. The Vanishing Act® filters (included in the start-up kit) will help remove calcium from the water. If you live in an area with high calcium hardness levels, an On-the-Go™ portable water softener is recommended.
• Remove Metals – If filling your hot tub with well water, or metals are present in the water, we recommend using the Clean Screen® prefilter to remove any metals present in the water.
• Pair with a Silver Ion Cartridge – Silver is a low-maintenance, anti-microbial that destroys bacteria and viruses. The combination of chlorine and silver is the most powerful cleaning option for hot tubs. While optional, we suggest pairing the FreshWater® Salt System with Monarch® Silver Ion for the ultimate water care solution. Simply drop the Silver Ion cartridge directly into the spa’s filter, for the cleanest, clearest water experience available.

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