How Should I Maintain My Hot Tub Cover?

Caldera® Spas covers are made with a heavy duty, marine-grade vinyl. When dirt accumulates, hose it off or wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it looking new.

  1. Every four to six months use Caldera Spa Monarch Cover Shield to clean, condition and protect your spa cover. Cover Shield forms a protective shield on your vinyl spa cover which helps resist fading, stains and dirt.
  2. If you notice the exterior of your cover developing a musty smell, discoloration or mold spots, this may be a sign of improper water chemistry. Contact your local authorized Caldera Spa dealeras there is likely a simple solution.
  3. Gently remove leaves, snow or ice that has accumulated on your spa cover to avoid strain and eventual breaking of the foam core.

This article outlines more details on care of the hot tub cover.