What are the main wellness benefits of regular hot tub use?

While soaking in warm water, the body experiences both psychological and mental changes. As our circulation improves we begin to think more clearly. Use your hot tub 4-6 days a week for about 15-20 minutes to get better results in 4 key areas of your life:

  1. Better Outlook. Soaking in a hot tub allows you to escape from daily stressors, like work and multitasking. Time reserved for yourself helps you recover emotionally and maintain a positive outlook on life.
  2. Better Relationships.Whether you want time to reconnect with your spouse or partner, or you are curious about what your teen has been up to lately, spending time in the hot tub can help everyone open up. Without distracting digital devices getting in the way, you’ll find the door to real conversations opens wide in a hot tub.
  3. Better Muscle Recovery.The buoyancy of water reduces the impact of gravity on skeletal and muscle tissue, alleviating tension on the body. Combined with warmth, buoyancy in a tub of water loosens muscles before a workout, or soothes them afterward.
  4. Better Sleep.Spending time in a hot tub or hot bath prior to going to sleep will help separate the day’s activities from the night of rest ahead. Some studies suggest that soaking in hot water can ease the transition into a deeper sleep by reducing tension and stress.