I am sensitive to chemicals. Will I get a skin reaction from using a hot tub?

Every human being is different. Similar to food, and environmental sensitivities, people can be sensitive to chemicals. This doesn’t always preclude them from experiencing the benefits of a hot tub. Many people experience skin reactions in public hot tubs. The beauty of owning your own hot tub allows you to create and maintain the most clean, clear and sparkling water possible. People should never assume that they will experience sensitivity in ALL hot tubs. Having control over your water quality is one of the biggest benefits of owning a hot tub.

Follow a troubleshooting protocol before using a hot tub:

1) Determine the quality of the hot tub water

Use a water test strip to measure the levels of sanitizer, alkalinity and acidity. This provides you a starting point from to know if the chemical levels are too high or need an adjustment.

2) Treat the hot tub water

Use the information you gained from measuring the various levels to determine what is needed to remedy the issue and bring your water back into balance. A scoop of this and a lower level of that may make a huge difference to sensitive skin.

3) Change sanitizers

Chlorine can be harsh to someone’s skin. Switching to bromine or other enzyme-based, chlorine-free sanitizers may be your remedy. Some hot tubs come equipped with ozone-based systems that make it possible to sanitize the hot tub with significantly less chlorine or bromine. The important thing to remember is if someone’s skin is getting irritated listen to what the body is saying. A small adjustment may allow a friend or family member to experience great health and enjoyment in your hot tub. It may take some time to determine what is best, but it’s time well spent.

4) Drain, refill and reset

If a person didn’t have a skin reaction when the water was fresh but developed one as the water aged, this may be an indication it’s time to drain and refill the hot tub. Simply experiment to determine when you should drain and refill to eliminate skin reactions.