5 Easy Steps for Hot Tub Maintenance

We always talk about how using your hot tub is a healthy habit. It certainly is, and you have to keep your hot tub healthy, too. Fortunately, we’ve made it easy! A little hot tub maintenance goes a long way toward keeping your Caldera® spa in perfect working order.

There are a few all-important checks to perform on a regular basis. They will keep your hot tub clean and sanitary so you can enjoy it often. Plus, continuous hot tub maintenance extends the life of your hot tub.

How can I remember when it is time to do maintenance on my hot tub?

An easy way to remember when to do these tasks is to schedule routine maintenance on your phone using personal reminders.

5-point Caldera® hot tub water care maintenance checklist:

  1. How often should I clean my hot tub filter?

    1. Clean your hot tub filter every month.

    Using a garden hose, spray the hot tub filter, and rotate the filter while spraying, to thoroughly remove any debris lodged between the filter pleats. Replace your hot tub filter every three years with a genuine Watkins® replacement filter.

  2. How often should I change my hot tub water?

    2. Drain and refill the hot tub.

    It really depends on what kind of water care system you are using and how often you use your hot tub. With a salt water hot tub system you may only need to change your hot tub water once a year depending on your test results. With a traditional chlorine or bromine hot tub water care system you will likely have to change your hot tub water once every three to four months for optimal water upkeep. Instructions for refilling your hot tub can be found in the hot tub manufacturers owner’s manual.

  3. How often should I clean my hot tub skimmer basket?

    3. Check and clean the hot tub skimmer basket weekly.

    Clean the skimmer basket weekly to ensure proper filter flow. Remove leaves, foreign matter, and debris.

  4. How often should I add chemicals to my hot tub?

    4. Sanitize the hot tub according to system instructions.

    How often you add chemicals depends on the type of hot tub water care system you use and how often you use your hot tub. Read the instructions carefully and be sure to test your hot tub water according to the package directions. We highly recommend the FreshWater® Salt System which comes standard on Utopia® and Paradise® models or the FROG® In-Line Water Care System that comes on Vacanza® models.

  5. Bonus tip: How often should I use my spa?

    5. Use your spa often! Regular use means you will be attentive to the way your spa performs.

    Maintaining a healthy ritual of rejuvenation and self care is a great resolution, and your hot tub can help you achieve that goal. Take good care of it, and it will return the favor.

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