Caldera Spa Reviews: Benefits Of Hot Tub Ownership

Thinking about purchasing a hot tub, but not sure where to start? Reading feedback from happy Caldera® hot tub owners is a great first step. After all, there are a variety of reasons for becoming a hot tub owner. Caldera spa owners continue to discover added benefits every day, including improved self-care, connecting with loved ones, or simply taking time away from a hectic schedule. We invite you to read through some of these examples below, and read the ratings & reviews about the best hot tubs on our website.


From everyday tension to chronic muscle aches, soaking in warm water can do wonders for improving how you feel. Caldera’s sculpted spa seats and targeted jets perform Hot Tub Circuit Therapy®. Wash away the discomfort and slide right in.

    • Therapy for the Body

“My experience with owning my second hot tub (this time I definitely will call it a spa) has been spectacular. I am borderline diabetic and before the spa my feet were so sensitive. Circulation in my feet has improved so much. I usually soak 2x a day, morning and night. Loosens me up for the day after a stretch and relaxes me before bed. My Spa is absolutely a great purchase for me and my family.” – Cardman from West Grove PA Age: 45-54 (male)

    • Relaxation at its Best

“I purchased my Caldera spa in October 2012. Since then my family and I have spent many evenings relaxing in our spa. The warm waters and massaging jets work wonders on my 40+ year old body and feel great after long days. Originally I purchased the spa as a gathering spot for my family but found an added benefit when it helped relieve a nagging back pain I had for years. Boy was I surprised when a 20 minute soak took away my nagging pain. Thank you Caldera! Another great benefit was getting the family unplugged and all together, just to talk and hear about their day as we soak in the spa. Every family needs some time like that and this product helped bring us together. Even if only to gaze at the stars…I love my Caldera spa!” – JM13 from Goffstown, NH Age: 35-44 (male)

    • Super Satisfaction

“The wife had wanted a hot tub for years, and finally we decided it was time. Wish she had been more insistent years ago! Our hot tub is great! Purchased it four months ago, and have been in it almost every day since. Being in our 50’s and 60’s, we highly recommend using a hot tub to relax those tired muscles and spend some good quality time together.” – HandyDan from Swannanoa, NC Age: 55-65 (male)


With busy work schedules or the challenge of how to talk to teenagers, it is often hard to get everyone to put their devices down and spend quality family time together. Bring the family together for quality time and leave the cell phones inside.

    • Great Choice

“This was a great choice for my family of 5. We use it 3-4 days a week. Gives us time to have family time.” – Fdkfenn from Connecticut Age: 35-44 (male)

    • Our Family Absolutely Loves Time in Our Spa!!

“Our entire family absolutely enjoys the time in our Caldera Spa! We purchased this as a replacement for an older tub. Our Cantabria® is a huge improvement over the old tub and provides an amazing variety of jets! Thanks for creating such a great product!” – DJA17CHAOS from United States Age: 45-54 (male)

    • Very Happy with the Spa

“We enjoy it more than we thought we would. Our friends always offer to come over and use the spa. Nothing but good feedback from people that have been in it.” – 5ns from Stamford, CT Age: 45-54 (male)

A Vacation in your Own Backyard

What do Utopia®, Paradise® and Vacanza® have in common? Italiano! Caldera customers have found their own Vacanza in their backyard (hint: Vacanza means vacation). Grab your passport and head outdoors, and leave those frequent-flier miles for another time. A trip to your Caldera hot tub is filled with extra leg room, so stretch out and take a seat. 20 minutes of daily renewal in your Caldera spa: now that’s a Vacanza.

    • The Right Choice

This hot tub makes us think we are ‘on vacation’ every time we turn on the CD player in our hot tub room and sit or recline for a most relaxing massage!” – Goodmeasure from United States Age: 45-54 (female)

    • Good Decision

“My wife and I really procrastinated about the purchase of a spa. We looked at [the] competition and felt Caldera was a very good value for the money. Our spa has completed our backyard retreat. We enjoy it every day. It has been very relaxing and therapeutic. Don’t hesitate, jump in and relax!” – tim46 from San Antonio, Texas Age: Over 65 (male)

    • Outdoor Oasis

“The spa has become an outdoor oasis for our retirement years. In any weather, we enjoy relaxing in its warmth.” – Retired2 from Canton, Ohio Age: 55-65 (female)


We love our Caldera spa owners, and they love their hot tubs too. Share your story with us. Not an owner yet? Request a brochure for more information.

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