Caldera Spas® Utopia® Series vs. Jacuzzi® J-500™ Collection

SizeSeatsTotal Jets
Caldera Spas® Utopia® Series
Cantabria® 9' x 7'7" x 38"874
Geneva®7'5" x 7'5" x 38"655
Niagara®7'5" x 7'5" x 38"752
Tahitian®7' x 7' x 36"646
Jacuzzi® J-500™ Collection
J-585™7'7" x 7'7" x 37.5"6-752
J-575™ 7'7" x 7'7" x 37.5"5-653

Comparing the Caldera Spas Utopia Series vs. the Jacuzzi® J-500 Collection

Let's take a detailed look at a direct side-by-side comparison of the largest spa from the Caldera Utopia series and the Jacuzzi® J-500 series: the Utopia and the J-585, respectively:

Just like any other major feature you'd add to your home, your new hot tub purchase deserves careful consideration. Before making a decision, you'll want to make sure you're getting the most of your investment in a luxury spa that fits your home and lifestyle. Here, we're going to compare two luxury hot tub collections—the Caldera® Utopia® series and the Jacuzzi® J-500 series—to give you an in-depth side-by-side view.

Comparing the Caldera Utopia Series and the Jacuzzi® J-500 Collection

The Caldera Spas Utopia Series

The Utopia Series offers the ultimate in luxury from Caldera Spas, a leader in hot tubs specifically designed to elevate your personal wellness. From the inside out, Utopia models run on high-efficiency heating, circulation, and filtration systems. The jets, jet placement, and seats are designed for unparalleled relaxation and transformational hydrotherapy massage. The Utopia structure is not only chic and pristine, it also features top-of-the-line insulation for peak performance and low operating costs.

The Jacuzzi® J-500 Collection

The Jacuzzi® brand J-500 Collection represents its best series. J-500 models deliver reliable operation, a carefully-designed hydrotherapy experience, and an attractive and unique appearance. Technologically advanced components such as jets and controls set you up for relaxation. With the J-500 Collection, expect smart technology, power, and design you can count on for a relaxing and therapeutic soak.

The Caldera Spas Utopia Series vs. the Jacuzzi® J-500 Collection

The Caldera Utopia series and the Jacuzzi® J-500 collection are both well-known, top-of-the-line luxury spas. As a starting point for our comparison, here's a quick overview of some of the most basic factors—the size, the number of seats, and the number of jets—that distinguish different models within both series:

Caldera Spas® Utopia® Cantabria®Jacuzzi® J-500™ J-585™
Seats8 adults6-7 adults
Dimensions9' x 7'7" x 38"7'7" x 7'7" x 37.5"
Maximum Jet Count7452
Water Capacity615 gallons440 gallons
Circulation PumpThe EnergyPro® Circulation Pump operates continuously to keep your spa water clean and clear without overtaxing the jets. At 50 watts, it pumps 5 gallons per minute, making it efficient and affordable.The ProStream™ Circulation Pump supports filtration systems to minimize maintenance and cleaning. At 175 watts, it pumps 35 gallons per minute, making it more expensive to operate and less energy efficient.
Ozone SystemThe Monarch® CD Ozone system is an oxidizer, providing an innovative solution to give you clean water. Life expectancy: 2 years.None.
Water Care OptionsThe Caldera @ease™ In-Line System makes maintenance and cleaning easy with SmartChlor™ technology and minerals. The SpaFrog® In-Line Bromine & Minerals System is also available.The CLEARRAY® Water Management System uses a UV germicidal lamp to neutralize your water easily. Life expectancy: 1 year.
Entertainment OptionsBluetooth® amp, 8 speakers near pillows, and subwoofer.BLUEWAVE® 2.0 wireless audio system, speakers, and subwoofer.
Cabinet & ColorsThe durable Caldera Avante™ all-climate, fiber-reinforced polymer composite cabinet comes in Brownstone, Sand, or Slate, and has a 5-year guarantee against cracking, splintering or splitting.Proendure™ cabinetry is available in Roasted Chestnut or Silverwood.
Shell ColorsThe acrylic shell is hand-crafted with a three-layer DuraBond system and is available in Arctic White, Platinum, Tuscan Sun, or Midnight Canyon.The TriFusion™ acrylic Shell comes in Platinum, Silver Pearl, Desert Sand, Opal, Caribbean Surf, Midnight, Monaco, and Titanium.
Control SystemThe full-color Advent® LCD touchscreen control system is intuitively designed with an additional auxiliary control panel, plus an UltraMasseuse® control panel for easy access as you’re relaxing in the Cantabria lounge seat.The ProTouch™ glass control panel is full-color and easily accessible in and out of the tub.
Water FeaturesEnjoy LED lighting and 2 Acquarella® waterfalls in your Cantabria.2 WaterColour waterfalls cascade around you, along with interior LED lighting to set the mood.
Lighting FeaturesUse the SpaGlo® Multi-Zone LED Lighting to enhance the mood with 14 Points of Interior Light & 4 Corner Exterior Lights.ProEdge™ Lighting lets you control your ambient environment with Multicolor Waterfalls, Integrated Corner Lights, and Underwater LED Lighting.
CoverThe 3.5" to 2.5" tapered, 2 lb.-density foam-core insulated cover maximizes your hot tub’s performance and efficiency. Available in Chocolate, Slate, and Taupe.The Prolast™ 4” x 2” cover is weatherproof for extreme conditions and designed to be lightweight for ease of use.

What to Look for in Your New Hot Tub Purchase

If you're a veteran hot tub owner and you're looking to replace your current model, you might already have an idea of your priorities and preferences. If you've never owned a spa before, you may want to consider the following criteria in order to make an informed and successful purchase:

  • Performance. Regardless of whether you're looking for renewal, rejuvenation, or reconnection from your new hot tub, you want a reliable system that excels without stress or heavy lifting on your part. Look for strong pumps, cabinets, and water care options, as well as excellent energy efficiency.
  • Therapy and Comfort. In the search for your ideal home spa, more and bigger is not necessarily better. Instead of fixating on a particular number, look for the special features that will enhance your life in order to find the model that best matches your needs. Luckily, the best hot tub dealers in your area will be able to lead you toward these more personal aspects. They may even offer a test soak, so you can find your ideal fit in terms of ergonomic design, jet therapy system, intuitive controls, and optional features.
  • Aesthetics. When you're investing in a prominent home fixture like a hot tub, performance and comfort aren't your only concerns—you're going to want to make sure the design adds to your home's aesthetic qualities, too. Luxury hot tub manufacturers understand this priority. They've designed and developed spas that are modern and chic as well as impeccably functional. Color and finish selections are chosen to complement your home and landscape's existing charms.

Choosing Your Ideal Luxury Home Spa

Comparing specifications is a good start on your way to luxury hot tub selection, but it can't give you the complete picture. Your next step is to see the models that interest you at your nearest dealer showroom. There, you can test the controls, feel the jets in action, and get a sense of the maintenance and cleaning necessary to keep your spa in peak operating condition. For the ultimate hot tub shopping experience, you may even be able to schedule a test soak. You're so close to having the perfect home spa installed and ready.

Taking an extra step by equipping yourself with the information needed to make a smart, careful selection will pay off in the long run. Locate your nearest hot tub dealer for expert assistance as you continue to narrow down your options. You can also get local pricing here.

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