How Can I Get More From My Spa When It’s Not Being Used?

In this blog series, we often make the case that a spa is an investment in your wellness, a personal retreat where you can rejuvenate and revitalize body and mind every day.

Yet it can offer you so much more than “me time” as a place to reconnect with those close to you. It’s a benefit that shouldn’t be undervalued, because your personal connections and relationships play a big part in your overall well-being.

And a spa can help with those connections even if you never get in!

Yes, time in your spa can help encourage conversations you might not otherwise have. You may hear more from your teenager during a 20-minute soak than you have in weeks. The bonds you have are already there, but that quiet relaxing time and the conversations that emerge can strengthen them even more. The same is true with your friends when you have them over for some time in the hot tub.

But most times when you get together with friends it’s for a barbeque, beverages on the patio or just an evening visit. What does that have to do with your hot tub? Plenty, if you incorporate your spa into your backyard design.

Placing your spa on or near your patio ensures it will get used more frequently. And if it’s close, you can also take advantage of the optional music system while you’re entertaining friends outdoors.

Set The Mood With Music

While you’re relaxing on your patio, put on your favorite playlist and play music through the spa’s speakers. Some pop up and rotate to create a sound system for your backyard and patio as well as you spa. It’s a great way to establish the mood for the evening.

With a Caldera spa, you can upgrade to a wireless sound system with Bluetooth® and adjust volume, bass, treble and balance, right from your smartphone. The In-Home Dock lets you transmit music from inside your home to your spa with an iPod®, iPhone® or your home stereo. To provide great sound, integrated speakers are available on all Caldera Spas models, with high-performance Bluetooth®, subwoofer and in-home dock packages available separately.

Meet Up/Catch Up

With all the remarkable wellness benefits you can get from using your spa, it can also become integrated into your personal space in ways you might not have considered. So in addition to using it to soothe your muscles and your mind, consider the personal retreat that you can create in your back yard or on your patio. You’ll find it has a lot to offer, helping you create a comfortable atmosphere for reconnecting to close friends and family.