Does Your Hot Tub Help You Sleep Better? Read What Caldera Owners Have To Say

Most healthcare professionals recommend eight to nine hours of sleep a night. Most of us probably haven’t slept that long regularly since we were kids. For some of us, stress keeps us awake at night. Some of us stay up too late, or overstimulate our brains with our phones, tablets or T.V.s. We can all go to sleep earlier, and disconnect earlier.

One way we recommend getting better sleep is through regular hot tub use. Regular hot tub use helps you relax, wind down, and get ready to sleep better, healthier and longer. Before you climb in bed, slide into that hot tub to help wind-down from the day.

As you’ll see, Caldera® owners regularly agree with us! Here’s what some of our Caldera owners have to share on our Caldera Voices online community.


“In the five months since we’ve had the spa, I think I have only gone to bed maybe five times without using it. Yes, I’ve used it in daytime, but the primary use for me is to unwind at the end of the day so I can get a good night’s sleep. 15-20 minutes before bedtime and I sleep like a baby.”

Geneva® owner, Arlington, TX

“I am a restless sleeper and love to go out in the early morning and jump in. Twenty minutes later, I can get back in bed and sleep the rest of the night.”

Cantabria® owner, Swedesboro, NJ


“It is so relaxing. After being in (our hot tub) we sleep so much better. I have neuropathy in my feet and it helps reduce the burning and tingling so I can rest so much better.”

Vanto® owner, Rapid City, SD


“I mostly bought this spa for my wife, but I think I have used it much more than her so far. I am surprised at how much it relaxes me in the evening and improves my sleep quality.”

Geneva owner, Bristol, TN


“We have owned our spa for only three months, but it has made such a positive impact on my physical and mental well-being. And I sleep so well at night after a soak!”

Makena® owner, Raleigh, NC


“Since purchasing the spa, it has helped me tremendously deal with my arthritis. Just a 15 minute soak each night helps me and my wife go right to sleep and get a deeper sleep.”

 Marino® owner, Wilmington, NC


“Easy to care for and came through a tough NY winter just fine! Use it a lot and love it. Best thing just before bed. Sleep so much better.”

Martinique® owner, Avon, NY


Why Does Your Hot Tub Help?

So, some Caldera owners have spoken, but how does a hot tub help you sleep?

Spending time in your hot tub can help relax your body and your mind, preparing you for sleep. The water’s buoyancy helps decompress joints while the water temperature increases circulation, and decreases blood pressure and heart rate. You enter a relaxed state that you can maintain until you go to bed. But that’s not all that’s at play here.

Sleep is normally preceded by a drop in body temperature. As you soak in your hot tub, your body temperature increases. After you leave the hot tub and settle in for the night, the body temperature you gained begins to normalize and decrease. That drop in core temperature signals to your brain that it’s time to sleep.

You can enhance that mechanism by assisting the cooling process by keeping your bedroom cool. The National Sleep Foundation suggests keeping your room between 60 and 67 degrees F, while keeping your room free of noise and other distractions.

What else helps?

There are many other tips to try in order to sleep better. Make sure you exercise regularly, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and try to maintain a regular sleep schedule.

For a longer list of science-based sleep tips, look through this Huffington Post article and see if any of the many suggestions make sense for you. Best of all, if you have a hot tub, use it before bed. If you don’t, maybe it’s time for a new investment in your overall well-being!

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We’ve heard from many of our customers who say their hot tub helps their sleep. What about you? Do you use your hot tub regularly at night before bedtime as a way to sleep better? How has it changed you? Do you feel better during the day as a result of sleeping better? What other tricks do you use for getting a better night’s sleep that you can pass along? We’ll post your response here, which could help others get a better night’s sleep.

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