In Harmony: Your Caldera Spa, Great Music And You.


I woke up with a song in my head this morning and I’ve been humming it all day. It’s a song about feeling good, and whenever I hear it, it definitely picks me up a bit.

That’s the power of music. Happy tunes lift you a little higher. And, when you’re feeling cranky, a soulful, intense song feels soothing. Music can even change your mood. It’s not your imagination—it’s actually a change that happens in your brain.

Change your mind with music.

Scientists at the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands, recently conducted an experiment where they asked subjects to identify smiley faces while listening to music.

Whenever the test subject was listening to happy music, he or she saw more smiley faces—whether or not the scientists were actually showing them more smiley faces. In other words, the subjects saw more positive images when they heard positive music.

Additionally, Canadian scientists have observed that the natural chemical dopamine is released into the brain when we listen to music that we love. This chemical stimulates our internal reward system and puts us in a “feel-good state.”

But, you don’t need science to prove this. Think about how music puts people in a certain frame of mind at the movies, in commercials, or even during your own dinner party—music is used to evoke a certain kind of mood.

A playlist with a purpose.

The transforming effect music has on the mind and body makes easy listening the perfect complement to spa time. Our hot tubs can be fitted with sound systems, making it easy to incorporate a personal soundtrack into your hot tub time.

I love spending time in my Caldera spa with the jets working their magic on my tired or tense muscles while listening to music. To unwind, I listen to anything from soaring classical baroque to Fleetwood Mac. If you don’t have your own relaxation playlist, we’ve compiled some ideas for you.

With the sky above, the water below and music all around, I feel like my life is in perfect harmony.