Hot Tub Maintenance Has Never Been Easier

I’m on the go constantly, with very little free time for myself. Sound familiar? When you find the perfect 20-minute break in the day, how do you spend it? I recommend rewarding yourself with quality “me” time in your own Caldera® hot tub. Experiencing a powerful hot tub hydro-massage in the peace and comfort of your private backyard is ideal for resetting the mind and body. It’s a perfect restorative break from a hectic schedule.

Caldera spas are crafted with a focus on pure performance. We’re hot tubbers ourselves, so we know how important it is to make sure the spa is always hot, clean and ready to use when we need it. And we’ve heard enough feedback from our owners to know two things: 1). Caldera owners have very little time to spend on caring for their spa; 2). they absolutely depend on their hot tub for all kinds of reasons—but mostly just to feel better physically and mentally.

If you’re shopping for a hot tub, you’ll feel better just knowing that Caldera takes care of important details-like hot tub water care.

How do you take care of a hot tub?

This is often one of the first questions that first time buyers have to ask. What are the chemicals I will need to add? How expensive are hot tub chemicals? How do I know whether the water is healthy? Hot tub water chemistry can seem daunting to someone who has never owned or maintained a hot tub before. We’re here to give you a trouble-free hot tub water care experience. Trust the experts.

“Easy to care for” is a popular phrase we hear from Caldera Spa owners so we thought we’d share some of their comments with you regarding hot tub water care and maintenance:

  • It Provides Us With Perfect Use By Ourself or With Friends and Family.

    “We enjoy our spa and highly recommend this product. The sales man was helpful and was more interested in meeting our needs than selling us the most expensive spa. It was a good choice and we are glad we bought Caldera. No problems with the installation and care.” – Sumo. From: Tampa, Florida. Age: 55-65 Gender: male

  • How Did I Live Without it?!

    “I was apprehensive about owning a spa. I figured it would be a lot of work with little pay off. I was so wrong! Very easy to care for and we use it a lot more than I thought we would! I love it in the winter months and we also like the fact that we can easily control the temperature year round to fit our needs.” – Happy soaker! From: Sterling Heights, MI. Age: 35-44 Gender: female

  • We love it!

    Easy to care for, nice design, comfortable seats. Great for parties or just the two of us.” -DandDH2334. From: Rexford, New York. Age: 45-54 Gender: female

  • Ease of Maintenance.

    This hot tub is easy to care for and stays clean and clear. Very comfortable in all seats.” -Bob. From: Akron, Ohio. Age: 55-65 Gender: male


What is the best hot tub water care system?

In the early days of portable hot tub water care systems a person almost needed a degree in chemistry to keep their hot tub water clean. Manufacturers like Caldera® focus on ways to make hot tub water care and maintenance faster and easier. With the modern acrylic interior shells that resist dirt and inhibit bacteria the workload on the hot tub filter and chemical system is reduced. Hot tub ozonators produce ozone gas either by the use of ultraviolet light or the more modern “corona discharge” method. The ozone gas is harmless to humans or pets but destroys bacteria and most viruses. The ozonator can’t do the job on it’s own though so some kind of chemical system is needed to keep your hot tub water clean and smelling good.

To complete the hot tub water sanitization process you can use either a traditional chlorine water care system, a bromine water care system or a salt water hot tub water care system. They all require oversight and maintenance as there is no such thing as “care free” hot tub water care system. The salt water system will take less of your time on a daily and weekly basis than the others though. As far as quality, all of these systems do a good job of keeping your water clean when you follow the manufacturers instructions.

What is the most affordable water care system for my hot tub?

As far as cost goes there really isn’t one that is more affordable than the other in the long run. When you compare realistically, salt water systems will cost more up front but require less time for the hot tub owner in maintenance. If you factor in the cost of your time the salt water hot tub care plan could work out to be less expensive over time. First Quarter Finance reports on their website that the full cost of hot tub maintenance is somewhere in the neighborhood of $300-$400 a year but that amount will vary depending on the size of your hot tub, the number of individual bathers and the amount of time it is in use. The more you use a hot tub the more maintenance and chemicals will be needed.

Should I wear a bathing suit in my hot tub?

Laundry soap and other personal care products like sun tan oil, sunblock, skin softeners, deodorant, cologne or other such products create an additional challenge for your hot tub water care system. If you wear a bathing suit in your hot tub then use a dedicated one that you do not launder with your other clothes. When you do wash it, be sure not to use any laundry detergent at all. Even though your clothes may seem well rinsed after going through a wash cycle, a certain amount of laundry soap is still present in your clothes. This additional challenge will mean you have to change your hot tub water more often and add more chemicals to keep your water in balance.

Why should I shower before and after I use my hot tub?

It is most important to shower before you use your hot tub to remove sweat, dead skin cells and personal care products such as cologne and deodorant. This reduces the work your hot tub filter and water care system has to do to keep your hot tub water clean and helps to keep your hot tub water chemistry more stable. Many manufacturers suggest you shower after you use your hot tub to rinse away chemicals that might be left on your skin.

If you’re a Caldera spa owner, we’d love to hear your story about how, when, and why you like to use your spa. If you want to share any maintenance hints or tips with other owners or shoppers, we invite your comments. Just go to our hot tub Ratings & Reviews page to add to the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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