How to Create Your Ideal Outdoor or Indoor Hot Tub Enclosure

A safe haven comes in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to creating your ideal hot tub enclosure there are many options to consider. Sure, you could turn the task over to a professional, but whomever you choose will ask what's important to you. Do you know what you want? Even if you feel like you don't know what you're doing it's important to learn about the possibilities.

a Caldera hot tub sits in a backyard underneath a pergola with a safety fence

A pergola and a safety fence may be all the privacy you need in your backyard.

Think about the kind of environment you would like to create. What do you want out of the experience? Do you want to create a hot tub enclosure that elicits relaxation, serenity, healthy living, family fun, privacy or admiration from your favorite architecture aficionado? It is okay to want all of the above. The best part is that you can make it happen. The benefits of hot tubbing are there for the taking.

There will be a time to call in the professionals to ensure a cohesive design, structural integrity, and seamless project execution. You will diligently work your way down the hot tub planning checklist to get the ideal enclosure that features the spa of your dreams.

This information will assist you as you begin to create your hot tub enclosure whether you're considering an indoor hot tub room, a small backyard deck to showcase your hot tub, or a hot tub gazebo or pergola. Let's explore the options.

a utopia hot tub sits under a portico for protection from the weather

Your hot tub deserves a place of its own, including glass skylights.

Indoor hot tub rooms

Perhaps you live in a climate in which an indoor hot tub room makes year-round use possible. You want a hot tub enclosure that is away from the elements designed to be accessible anytime. Whether you're considering a free-standing room, or including one in your house's floor plan there are things to consider:

Proper ventilation for an indoor hot tub

Like an indoor swimming pool, a hot tub produces heat and steam that causes condensation to form on walls and ceilings. Proper ventilation allows for air to circulate and be pulled out of an area to keep air healthy. Ventilation in a hot tub room will likely need to be upgraded from a standard bathroom ventilation system. An experienced contractor should be consulted. Don't forget that windows add to the overall effectiveness of the ventilation by allowing air to flow in and out.

Proper drainage for an indoor hot tub

Anytime there's going to be a lot of water in an enclosed area, drainage is of utmost importance. Floor drains will help errant water exit the room whether that is due to spills, leaks or when cleaning the area. The expertise of a professional is warranted to ensure best practices and building codes are followed.

Water/vapor seals

Hot tub rooms like steam rooms must be created to withstand leaks into other regions of the room. Water damage can cause expensive problems. If your plan is to include a hot tub room in your house and the room is "down to the studs," you may want to consider having a waterproof membrane installed. It is used to create a seal in the walls, floors, and wall joints. This may be what you need to ensure the ultimate piece-of-mind.

Wall surface coverings

If the walls in your hot tub room enclosure call for paint, make it high-gloss enamel. This allows water to run off rather than soak in. It is easy to clean. Avoid using wall paper as it will likely peel off due to exposure to consistent humidity.

a small hot tub can fit perfectly well on a small deck design

A well-constructed and maintained deck will last for decades

Small backyard decks

Yard space is at a premium in some residential dwellings. Efficient and effective use of space can create an expansive feeling where you thought there was none. Decks are a beautiful and practical way to create appeal and attention in small spaces. There are things to keep in mind when designing and building a deck to enclose your hot tub.

Advantages of a backyard deck

Backyard decks can be built to include levels that ascend up to the top of the hot tub. This allows for an easy-in and easy-out of your spa. An aluminum or powder-coated railing can be added to provide stability while entering and exiting the hot tub. The deck can include benches, gates and other exciting treatments that create cohesion for the entire area. The sides can be built up to any level to create your ideal hot tub enclosure.

Consult a landscape architect

These are the professionals who guide your choices with their knowledge. They know what needs to be considered for your project. You are building a deck to enclose your hot tub. There will be electrical, plumbing, excavation issues, and other aspects to address. A landscape architect will provide a layout of your plan and help guide your contractor if necessary. Get involved in the process and educate yourself about backyard deck design.

Select a contractor with experience

Many contractors today have websites with photographs of their work and testimonials from customers. Don't be afraid to ask for additional references you can contact to discuss the contractor's work. Like with any work being done on your home, get at least 3 estimates for the cost and timeframe of your work. Ask for proof of insurance and licensing.

Choose materials wisely

Decks can be built from various types of building material. Consider the material's durability, upkeep, and longevity. Finances will enter into the picture so explore your options for products that fit within your budget. Most decks are part of a backyard for decades. You want it to serve you well so put in the time to scrutinize the options.

a hot tub positioned on a cement pad in a backyard with a protective wooden gazebo

Adding a gazebo provides privacy, protection and year round use. There are plenty of gazebo inspirations to see if you look for them.

Hot tub gazebos and pergolas

There are many varieties of gazebos and pergolas but they all share the traits of being ornamental and serving a purpose. By their very nature they provide form and function to the backyard aesthetic equation. They can be elaborate or simple and you get to choose what's going to work best for you. There are a few things to consider for your gazebo or pergola hot tub enclosure.

Hot tub gazebos and pergolas provide protection

A roof over your head provides protection for your hot tub and for you when you're soaking away life's aches and pains. If you can picture yourself in the hot tub when it's sunny, raining or snowing your imagination usually includes a roof over your head. While a hot tub cover protects the hot tub, the cover on your hot tub must face the elements. A gazebo or pergola will extend the life of the cover of your hot tub, in addition to regular cleaning and conditioning.

Hot tub gazebos and pergolas provide privacy

There are going to be occasions when you want a little more privacy than usual. The sides of the gazebo or pergola can be open to the elements or adorned with various materials such as wood, lattice work, or wrought iron. Curtains can be installed to open and close depending on the occasion. A gazebo hot tub enclosure provides the ability to create the level of privacy you desire.

Gazebos and pergolas frame the hot tub as part of the overall backyard design

Gazebos and pergolas help create a distinctive place for the hot tub to reside. In the overall landscape of your backyard a gazebo or pergola represents a focal point for relaxation, fun and enjoyment. Your hot tub is a special destination and a gazebo beckons everyone to come over for a visit.

Choose materials for your hot tub gazebo and pergola wisely

Consider the aesthetics and durability of the building materials you choose for your gazebo or pergola. So many decisions are influenced by the conditions in which your gazebo hot tub enclosure will exist. If you choose a cloth top for your gazebo it will provide protection, but it will need to be replaced every season or two. A weathered cloth-top will rip in windy conditions. What you thought was a cost-effective choice may be cancelled out due to replacement costs. Hard topped gazebos are more durable. Some gazebos are anchored to the surface around your hot tub. Others are more permanent as they are included in the hardscape and anchored in cement. You have a few choices to achieve the structural integrity you desire.

New Gazebos and Pergolas

Technology is finding its way into every aspect of life. Gazebos and pergolas are included in that trend. Louvered roofs with smart technology that close when rain sensors activate at the first onset of rain are now available. The roof slats open and close to control light, shade and airflow and are almost completely waterproof. As with some innovations, the cost may be prohibitive. If that's not a concern then you'd be smart to investigate this type of optimal gazebo hot tub enclosure.

a luxury designer Utopia Tahitian hot tub sits center stage and exposed on a patio

Sometimes a hot tub is so beautiful enclosures are optional.

Do I need to have a hot tub enclosure?

No enclosure required. There's always the option of buying a hot tub that is beautiful in its own right and allowing it to stand alone. An attractively designed hot tub may not need an enclosure at all. That decision is yours to make. A hot tub that delivers a design experience that fits your aesthetic requirements is your goal. If you find your hot tub to be stunning and fit for a solitary display of beauty, then exhibit it accordingly.

It's time to make your checklist of the things you need to do. Forethought and planning are essential. Continue to explore the details of making your hot tub project a reality. Once you check off all the items, the hot tub enclosure and hot tub will be yours. Enjoyment is just a few checks away. Check please!

If you're already an owner we would love to hear about your hot tub enclosure and how you decided what was right for you.

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