Product Feature: Crystal-Clear Water, Easier Than Ever

One of the biggest worries that first-time hot tub shoppers have about their potential new purchase is a concern about how difficult it is to maintain hot tub water properly.

overhead view of a hot tub filled with water and hot tub water maintenance discussion

Hot tub water maintenance has never been easier. Modern systems use fewer chemicals and require less time.

How difficult is it to maintain clean hot tub water?

It is easy. Modern hot tub water care systems have come very far since the early days and now you have options where water care is concerned. The latest hot tub water care systems use fewer chemicals and require less time than ever before.

the best luxury hot tub the Utopia Tahitian filled with water

The Utopia®Tahitian® offers the best luxury hot tub water care experience.

Did I have to do well in high school chemistry for it to make sense?

If you think the periodic table has four legs and comes with matching chairs, it is still easy. Our expertly trained and certified Caldera® hot tub dealers will get you started and our low maintenance hot tub water care systems will leave you enjoying your spa instead of wondering whether your hot tub water is healthy.

the water fall feature of a Caldera hot tub

The Paradise®Martinique® with the Acquarella® Waterfall and LED hot tub lighting.

"Is there a lengthy learning curve? How much time will it take every day? Is the water…"

Allow us to interrupt your stream of questions with this announcement:

With a Caldera spa, maintaining clean hot tub water is easy.

Caldera Spas offers a choice of two water care systems, and both are designed to give you sparkling-clear, sanitized water with very little effort. Of course, there is always a learning curve for new owners, especially adjusting to variables such as frequency of use, the number of users and the size of the spa.

The FreshWater® Salt System

The FreshWater Salt System sanitizes water by using a maintenance-free cartridge to generate chlorine from salt. The cartridge is designed to last four months and can be replaced in seconds from the bartop.

You don't have to worry about measuring chemicals! Simply set the chlorine level with a touch of a button. The system will generate the proper amounts of chlorine automatically. Easy-to-follow, on-screen instructions indicate when the system needs attention.

The FROG® Water Care System

The innovative FROG in-line water care system comes standard on all Vacanza Series spas. As a result, keeping spa water fresh and clean has never been easier.

The FROG housing is integrated into the shell of Caldera Spas. Water is treated continually as it flows through the housing.

Rather than carefully measuring out chemicals from a variety of bottles, color-coded cartridges that last for weeks (bromine) or months (minerals), depending on use, are simply replaced periodically.

The FROG system uses a combination of bromine and minerals formulated to work effectively in warm water. Bromine is also much easier on the skin than chlorine-based systems. The bromine and mineral cartridges are adjusted with a simple dial so you can simply set the amount to be released based on how often you use your spa.

Thanks to these easy water treatments, you can maintain sparkling water with a minimum of effort. As a result, your spa will always be ready for use when you are ready to use it.