Spa Spotlight: Aventine

Powerful Jets...Practical Design

" I love my Caldera Aventine hot tub. Not just"
- Aventine Owner, San Antonio

Imagine the soothing sensation of stepping into warm water on a cool morning or evening to enjoy a comforting massage from 14 thoughtfully placed hydromassage jets. With seats for two, the space-saving spa, the Aventine®, lets you experience a bit of paradise right in your own backyard or sunroom.

This corner spa model in the Vacanza® Series is ideal for small patio homes. Tuck it into a nook just outside the master bedroom to create your own private therapeutic spa retreat. It’s the perfect way to feel better each day by providing relief to achy joints. The Aventine spa works away tension or muscle aches so you will emerge fully rejuvenated. Now you can enjoy the benefits of hydromassage without making a big investment. What’s more, the Aventine is a 115v/20 amp plug-in spa, so the installation requirements are also super simple.

If the Aventine® model looks like the perfect fit for your needs, consider taking the next steps to ownership:

  • View all the specifications to ensure the Aventine® is right for you
  • Pick a corner of your deck to place the spa
  • Determine a color for the shell and siding that will match your décor
  • Decide if you’ll enjoy the transformative benefits of warm water with someone or if you’d rather spend 20-minutes alone to meditate and reflect!

Do you currently own a Caldera hot tub? Share below why your model is the right fit for you.