Spa Spotlight: The Utopia Series

The thrill of athletic competition (even if it’s only competition with yourself) leaves you feeling invigorated—and, sometimes, it also leaves you with sore muscles.

Whether you’re a recreational athlete, trying to stay in shape, or sitting for extended periods of time, you’re sure to experience occasional soreness. You need tools for muscle recovery. This month’s featured hot tub series—the Utopia Series—may be just the thing.

Why do we specifically mention the Utopia Series? Well, along with being the pinnacle of comfort, design and performance, these hot tubs offer a few high-performance enhancements unique to the series. At Caldera Spas, we really do think that the signature features in each of the four hot tubs of the Utopia Series make them ideal for treating your aching muscles to relief. And, we’re not the only ones who think that Utopia Series hot tubs help the way you feel. Caldera owners also frequently share with us how much they enjoy their Utopia Series spa:

Joint pain is relieved greatly. “One of the best purchases we have made.”—Cantabria Spa Owner, Ohio

“The jets make it feel like a massage. The different seats enable you to get the kinks out of every muscle in your body and relax.” —Cantabria Spa Owner, Morris County, NJ

Love this spa, it has been terrific. For those who like a deep massage, it has three awesome ‘stations.’ I like to rotate through for targeting different areas of the back and shoulders.”—Geneva Spa Owner, La Quinta, CA

The spa itself is pure pleasure to use; especially when my muscles ache from overdoing my yard work. And, there are a variety of water jets to give me the ‘just right’ soothing massage I require.”: —Geneva Spa Owner, Michigan

So, what exactly makes the hot tubs in our Utopia Series “just right”? We’ve included a few features in the Cantabria, Geneva, Niagara and Tahitian hot tub models that are perfect for rejuvenating your aching muscles after a long day or strenuous workout.


 This pump keeps the water in your hot tub warm and inviting – ready for you to enjoy at a moment’s notice.

 The multitude of different seat designs and jet configurations found in the Utopia Series of hot tubs offers a full-body massage, perfect for enjoying after a long workout or sporting event.

 Strategically placed air jets deliver a soft-tissue massage.

 This powerful jet can be situated to either give your lower back an invigorating massage or produce a stimulating “whirlpool” effect throughout your spa.

 Complete with a contoured pillow, this jet aims to work out the tension held in your neck and shoulders (ahhhh!!). *Only available in the Cantabria, Geneva and Niagara models

Additionally, low operating costs, ease of use and unparalleled comfort make Utopia Series spas perfect for releasing any kind of tension, physical or mental—a wonderful backyard refuge for loosening up before or after a big game—even it’s simply the game of life. If you think a Utopia Series hot tub may be right for you, take a look at the different features each model has to offer, you can also compare models from a different series to make sure you find the right fit for your lifestyle.