What’s Hot And What’s Not In Your Hot Tub!

You’ve seen the lists appear now and then in nearly every publication. What’s in, what’s out. What’s hot, what’s not. Here’s our own fun version, featuring great things to bring into your hot tub and what you should probably leave out.

What’s IN!


Ok, that’s almost too easy. But it’s never a bad idea to remind yourself what 20 minutes a day in your hot tub can do for your overall personal wellness, your physical mobility and your peace of mind. Bring in your sore muscles and achy joints, then leave with them feeling rejuvenated.

A Flexible Attitude

We all get grumpy at one time or another. Bring in that crankiness, but with the intention and positive belief that things are about to change for the better! Relax and watch the clouds vanish. A hot tub soak is a great way to positively influence your mood and help you emerge with a refreshed perspective.

Your Family

Your hot tub is a magical tool that helps you catch up and reconnect. Find out what’s going on at school or how your spouse’s day went. Share a story, share a laugh. It’s easy, because you’re all there without distractions. You’ll emerge with an even deeper appreciation of those closest to you.


As you soak, you’re losing sweat and water through your pores. Stay hydrated while you’re in your hot tub but drink your water from a plastic cup. Sparkling water is great, too, but avoid any liquids you wouldn’t want to pour right in your spa water. Water immersion and water ingestion are both keys to maintaining wellness and helping you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

A Friend

“Community” is one of the cornerstones of wellness. Your hot tub is a great way to share time with a close friend and to remind yourself that we are all at our best when we feel connected.

The Right Stuff

The recommended water treatment chemicals will keep your water sanitized, fresh and sparkling. Avoid adding anything to the water that’s not specifically made for your hot tub, such as pool chemicals. And of course you’d never add bubble bath or any sudsing agent. But remind your kids before they get that idea all on their own.



Set a plastic-cups-only rule and stick to it.

Sunscreen, Lotions, Sweat, Hair Gel

All hot tub owners should adopt the motto “a hot tub is not a bath tub.” That’s not to say you have to shower every time you get in your hot tub. Just be smart about it. If you’re sweaty from a workout, rinse off first. Other times, maybe a quick wipe with a washcloth might be in order. Maybe you feel fresh enough to hop in. Consider keeping ball caps or hair ties nearby to help keep hair out of the water. Remember, the cleaner you are, the cleaner your filters and your spa water will stay.

Aromatherapy oils

Caldera does not recommend using any type of oils or bath salts in your spa because they tend to gum up the filters and damage the electrical components in the spa. Using these products does not void the spa’s warranty, but any service needed to repair the spa because of damage caused by the use of non-approved chemicals is not covered by the warranty. Those can be expensive repairs, so if you’re not sure, ask your dealer before you use any new chemical or oil in your spa.


Electronics and water generally don’t mix. That’s why our in-home wireless sound system is a great option. Connect with just about any audio source and enjoy music safely in your hot tub!

Laundered Swimsuits

There’s no need to ever launder your hot tub swimsuit. The same agents that keep your spa water sanitized will keep your suit clean. Just make sure you always hang it up to dry after every use so that it doesn’t mildew.


Does your family have specific rules for what’s allowed in your hot tub and what isn’t? What’s on your list? Were those rules the result of trial and error? We’d love to hear what you do and don’t allow in your hot tub, and if there’s a backstory, include that as well!

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