When I Fill My Hot Tub With Fresh Water, Is It Ready For Use?

Even though you’ve essentially filled your Caldera® Spas hot tub with clean drinking water, you’ll need to do some initial hot tub water balancing to provide a foundation for its use.

Modern hot tub water maintenance has never been easier than it is today.

These five steps to balance your hot tub water should be performed in the correct sequence;

1. Check the Total Alkalinity of the hot tub water

Adjust it to 40-120 ppm. Why? The correct total alkalinity will stabilize your hot tub pH, making it easier for you to maintain it at a proper level.

2. Check the hot tub water Calcium Hardness

Adjust its levels to 50-150 ppm. Why? Too little calcium will damage hot tub components over time. Too much, and scaling will occur.

3. Test the hot tub water pH

Adjust it to a level between 7.2 and 7.6. Why? This level is only slightly alkaline. It prevents acid wear on components and is low enough in alkalinity to prevent scaling.

4. If using the FreshWater® Salt System:

To find the correct water capacity of your spa model, see the back cover of your Owner’s Manual. With jets running, add  2 1/3 cups salt per 100 gallons (380 liters) of water to the filter compartment, one cup at a time, and allow five minutes for the salt to dissolve. Use FreshWater Salt Test Strips to verify the salt level is around 1,750 ppm. Learn more by reading the Owner’s Manual. 

5. If using the  FROG® Water Care System:

The @ease SmartChlor and Mineral cartridges fit out of sight and chlorine is released slowly to maintain more consistent levels. Set the dial on the cartridges and insert them into the spa. Learn more about the FROG @ease In-Line System here.

Note: Utopia® and Paradise® Series Spas are equipped to receive the FreshWater® Salt System. Vacanza® Series Spas are equipped to receive the FROG system.

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