Worried About Hot Tub Maintenance? Let’s Compare.


Is the thought of performing routine maintenance on your hot tub hindering your decision to purchase one? If so, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get a new perspective. Whether you’re a DIY devotee or someone with a Pool and Spa Guy on speed dial, hot tub maintenance is highly manageable. If you have a pool you could include spa maintenance in the service package for convenience. It’s pretty easy to maintain your spa water though and definitely something you can manage yourself.

Whether you’re a DIY devotee or someone with a Pool and Spa Guy on speed dial, hot tub maintenance is highly manageable.

Gone are the days of receiving an allowance for completing our responsibilities at home. Sure, there are times when we have to muster some sort of intrinsic reward, aka fool ourselves, to complete a task or chore. But remember, if you take care of the things that add value to your life they will last longer, run better, and continue to be a source of joy.

To help shift your perspective let’s compare hot tub maintenance to other caretaking responsibilities in your life.

Hot tub benefits and maintenance

The health and life benefits of owning a hot tub are numerous. The return on your investment is excellent. Routine hot tub maintenance comes down to clean hot tub water. Once you’re familiar with hot tub water chemistry you can test it yourself and add suggested amounts of additives to create balance and proper sanitization. Clean the spa filter by removing it and spraying it with a hose to remove debris and dirt. Soak it in hot tub filter cleaning solution to remove more stubborn impurities. Refer to manufacturer’s recommendations on how often you need to empty, clean and refill your hot tub. And refer to this hot tub maintenance article for more details on the steps for routine hot tub maintenance. Some hot tubs automatically filter your water on an intermittent schedule, which requires no effort on your part. Like any home appliance, educate yourself about your hot tub. Get to know the signs of challenges that warrant professional assistance from a reliable hot tub service provider.

Investing in your health and happiness takes hard work and perseverance.

an image of a tire on a black car is used to support a discussion comparing auto maintenance to hot tub maintenance and comparing the benefits

Regular maintenance on your car keeps you safe on the road.

Compare car ownership to hot tub benefits and maintenance

The expense of keeping a car properly maintained exceeds the expense of properly maintaining your hot tub.

A car is an essential life-tool for most people. It’s a source of transportation, fun and excitement. It takes you on vacation when you’re up for a road trip. It is essential to the life of your vehicle, and yours that you perform routine auto maintenance. This includes but is not limited to: regular oil changes, properly inflating tires, rotating tires every 5000 miles, assessing tire wear, brake inspections, and checking and replacing fluids in the reservoirs under the hood. You can perform some of these items and some will likely be done by professionals. It is wise to include car care expenses in your monthly budget. The same goes for hot tub maintenance.

a sweet little doggy sleeps and dreams of the therapeutic and health benefits of hot tub ownership

Dreams of owning a hot tub can come true.

Compare the benefits and maintenance of pet ownership to hot tub ownership

Animals bring joy, companionship and love to our lives. They are completely reliant upon us for care. Owning a pet involves making a commitment for up to 15+ years. It’s worth it. For many, pets are a part of the family. Daily maintenance is required for their care including food, water, exercise, attention, and providing proper shelter and bedding. Other routine maintenance includes bathing, grooming, dental care, and flea control. Visits to the vet are required and depend on the health of your pet. A toy allowance is an ongoing necessity, of course. Hot tub maintenance is far easier and less time consuming than proper pet care. Owning both is a pleasure.

Compare the therapeutic benefits and cost of maintaining your yard to the therapeutic benefits and cost of hot tub ownership

If you strive for curb appeal then your yard is an important consideration. A pride of ownership molds you into a gardening enthusiast or green-thumbed wannabe. For many people gardening is a form of therapy. It beckons you outside to reap emotional and physical rewards.

Proper care for your front yard and back yard involves mowing, trimming, watering, weeding, raking, planting, blowing, and repeating every week. Living things need attention and it’s up to you to cater to those needs. The best part? Your hot tub is ready for you when yard maintenance is complete.

friends improve their relationship with a soak in a utopia cantabria hot tub on a beautiful sunny backyard patio

Time spent in your hot tub with family and friends is life-enhancing.

Maintaining relationships with family and friends

Spending time with friends and loved ones enhances everything we do. Our ability to love and be loved grows when we care for others. Relationships require care and routine maintenance to keep them thriving. Practicing healthy communication, being kind, responsive and following through on promises are only a few maintenance requirements. Close relationships are to be cared for on a frequent basis. Every interaction with a human is an opportunity to reaffirm your ability to care about the welfare of others. A hot tub filled with friends and family is a great platform for relationship maintenance. Jump on in.

Compare the benefits of good health, happiness and hope

You deserve to have good things. There are plenty of things in life that are worth the effort. Investing in your health and happiness takes hard work and perseverance. Your hopes and dreams require maintenance too. Finding ways to generate motivation can be challenging. A hot tub is a valuable tool for improving stress management, blood pressure, muscle recovery, relaxation, sleep and so much more. A healthy, happier you is possible with 20 minutes per day of routine maintenance. You’re worth the effort.

Don’t let the worry of hot tub maintenance stop you from owning one.

Don’t let the worry of hot tub maintenance stop you from owning one. The aforementioned comparisons are complete. The benefits of owning a hot tub far outweigh the minimal time investment and effort. It’s time to pack the well-maintained family and pet in the car and drive your way to health and happiness. Go for it!

If you’re already an owner we would love to hear how you are taking care of your hot tub. Please share some helpful tips if you’ve got them.

We are passionate hot tub enthusiasts and appreciate your interest in learning. Read more about the benefits of hot tub use in our hot tub maintenance resource library. We are your source for reliable information.

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