Utopia Series Spas

Transformation by Design

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Innovative Comfort, Design and Performance

Utopia® Series spas represent our most innovative approach to comfort, design and performance, with features that are simply unlike any other spa available. Exceptional massage jets, low operating costs and elegant design make our Utopia Series the preferred choice.

All Utopia Series spas include advantages like:

Avante™ All-Climate Cabinetry
Built to withstand year-round weather conditions, the beautiful Avante cabinet material is so durable it resists rotting and is warrantied not to crack, split or chip.

Pure Comfort® Seating
Deep sculpted seats keep you in place to enjoy enhanced, customizable hydrotherapy jets for a targeted massage.

FiberCor® Insulation
This proprietary material provides superior insulation that improves hot tub performance and keeps energy costs low.

Learn how a Caldera® spa can be a vital part of your daily well-being.

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Utopia Series Spas –
All You Need to Fully Relax

Utopia Series spas allow you to sit comfortably while a variety of rotating and pulsating jets massage your neck, back, hips, thighs, calves and feet. The enhanced hot tub experience will help you renew, restore and transform in the comfort of your wellness spa at home.

Euphoria® Jets in the Spacious Footwell

There’s a reason it’s called the Euphoria Jet.
The independently controlled jets are perfectly placed to give a fully restorative massage and remove tension from tired legs and sore feet.

UltraMassage™ Lounge

This lounge featured in our signature Cantabria® spa captures our commitment to Pure Comfort® seating. The UltraMasseuse® System has six jet sequences and three speeds. It’s the ultimate personal massage chair. In water.

We know a daily soak in a hot tub will have a positive impact on your life. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what Caldera spa owners have to say:

star rating

“Relaxing, healing for my back! Best investment we made!”

Lisa | Massachusetts

star rating

“What a great spa. The jets are strong and it’s so comfortable.”

Charles | Charlottesville, VA

star rating

“I have owned several hot tubs and by far the Cantabria has been the best I have ever had. Between the energy efficiency and comfortability, you can’t go wrong….love it!!!”

JH | Maryland

star rating

“Outsanding quality, very easy to maintain crystal clear water. Have had now for 6 months use it almost every day. Pumps are quiet and very powerful. Up keep is low due to the chemicals needed.”

Mark59 | Reno, NV

star rating

“We have now had it two months and could not be happier. Its great when it is snowing.”

Jack | Farmington, UT

star rating

“I use my spa a minimum of 3 out of every 4 nights and all I can say is that I’ve never slept as good as I do now. Thanks Caldera.”

Dave61 | Colorado Springs, CO

star rating

“This is my second Caldera hot tub and I couldn’t be happier. I particularly like the spa frog system and the improved materials for the frame. The waterfall is also a nice feature.”

Jim | Westchester County, NY

star rating

“My wife and I love our Caldera. The design is beautiful and the options make for a wonderful experience. The leg and back jets feel amazing.”

shlar72 | Rancho Bernardo, CA