Three Ways To Quickly Update Your Backyard


What one word describes your ideal backyard?

My word is tranquil. This summer, I have been eating outdoors with friends and family at least a few times a week so it is important that my backyard provides a peaceful environment for my guests and me. Right now, hosting a Fourth of July party and summer backyard BBQs are top of mind. With limited time to spend on renovations, I’ve been looking for, and have discovered, a few backyard projects that will make a big impact to the look and function of my tranquil space. Best of all, these ideas take very little time – not more than 20 minutes or so. Here are some of my favorite quick and easy improvement ideas:

1). Update the Lighting. I recently purchased new porch lights online and was able to change them out myself. The updated hardware made a subtle but noticeable difference. Additional lighting ideas include:

  • String twinkle lights or mini lanterns along a fence or awning to create a magical ambiance.
  • Light candles for dinner and then move them closer to the hot tub for rejuvenation by candle light.
  • Switch out standard light bulbs for ones with a softer glow.


2). Liven up with Plants. No need to re-landscape; add flowers or plants in new, creative ways:

  • Hang flower baskets from an awning to bring new life and color.
  • Add potted flowers or small trees around the yard. The pots with make a statement and the plants can flourish without needing to tend to a whole garden.
  • Create a living picture by planting succulents in a framed box to deliver colorful texture or hang succulents in mason jars on a fence.


3). Add Water Features. Water has a calming effect on people, so including more water spaces in the yard can create a more comfortable environment to connect with friends, family, or yourself. A water feature doesn’t have to be big; these require little effort:

  • Fill a metal pail or colorful basin with water, then add floating candles and low maintenance water plants for an outdoor water garden.
  • Grow a pond in a pot with aquatic plants and fresh water.
  • A bird bath or small fountain is a common water feature. Inexpensive options are available at home improvement centers. Be spontaneous and pick one up on the way home from work to kick off the July 4th weekend festivities!


If you are looking for a bigger backyard makeover that includes a deck and new hot tub – or dreaming about it – try our FREE deck design tool to start planning or take a peek at this inspirational “Backyard Oasis” Pinterest board we’ve created.

What backyard improvements have you added this summer? Share with us below!

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