Caldera Spas® Utopia® Series vs. Marquis Spas® Signature® Series

A hot tub helps complete a home, providing its owner with year-round luxury, comfort and health benefits. When considering any luxury hot tub, you’ll want to do your research so that you purchase a durable and reliable spa that offers all of the systems, features, and options you desire. Whether you’re a first-time spa buyer or trading up to a new hot tub, research will help you build the confidence you need to find the spa that’s perfect for you and your family.

To get you started, we’ve compared two luxury spa series side by side—the Utopia® Series by Caldera Spas® and the Signature® Series by Marquis Spas®.

The Caldera Spas® Utopia® Series vs. the Marquis Spas® Signature® Series

The styling of the two series is very different. The Utopia® Series embraces modernity in its material and technology, including in its entertainment options and LED spa lighting. Marquis Spas® has taken a different route, using modern features such as LED lighting in a more subdued way.

Caldera Spas® Utopia® Series

The Utopia® Series by Caldera Spas® features the distinctly modern Avante® all-climate cabinetry designed to evoke the sensation of movement. Its long-fiber technology resists not only the elements, but also cracking, splitting, and chipping. The exterior corner LED lights further the distinctly modern air and provide visibility to the deck or patio area around the spa.

Marquis Spas® Signature® Series

The Marquis Spas®Signature® Series uses DuraWood™ cabinetry in a very traditional design. It is resistant to rot in a way that wood cannot match, yet it looks very much like woodwork. LED lighting is present below the waterline of the spa and on the exterior of the cabinet.

Marquis spas® and Caldera spas® offer distinctly different systems and features.

Comparing the Caldera Spas® Utopia® Series to the Marquis Spas® Signature® Series

Both the Utopia and Signature® series offer high-quality, luxury models. So, it’s helpful to review the primary factors that distinguish them—spa size, seating, and the total number of jets.

When it comes to spa size and jets, the two series are comparable. With regard to seating, the Signature® Series offers two- and three-seat models, while the Utopia® Series includes an eight-seat hot tub for which the Signature® Series has no answer.

SizeSeatsTotal Jets
Caldera Spas® Utopia® Series
Florence™7’ x 7’ x 3’646
Tahitian®7’ x 7’ x 3’648
Niagra®7’ 5” x 7’ 5” x 3’ 2”752
Geneva®7’ 5” x 7’ 5” x 3’ 2”755
Cantabria®9’ x 7’ 7” x 3’ 2”874
Marquis Spas® Signature® Series
The Rendezvous®6’ 3” x 6’ 3” x 2’ 5.5”2/314
The Spirit®5’ 6” x 7’ x 2’ 11”3/432
The Resort®7’ 1.5” x 7’ 1.5” x 2’ 11”560
The Reward®7’ 1.5” x 7’ 1.5” x 2’ 11”658
The Promise®6’ 7” x 7’ 1.5” x 2’ 11”6/746/48
The Wish®7’ x 7’ x 2’ 11”550
The Euphoria®7’ 6” x 7’ 6” x 2’ 11”758
The Epic®7’ 6” x 7’ 6” x 2’ 11”5/665
The Show®7’ 6” x 7’ 10” x 2’ 11”582
A difference between Caldera® hot tubs and Marquis® hot tubs is in the approach to design.

Comparing the Caldera Spas® Tahitian® and Marquis Spas® The Reward®

An in-depth comparison of the similarly sized Tahitian® and The Reward® reveals further differences between the two series and each manufacturer’s approach to spa engineering.

Caldera Spas® Utopia® Tahitian®Marquis Spas® The Reward®
Dimensions7’ x 7’ x 3’7’ 1.5” x 7’ 1.5” x 2’ 11”
Maximum Jet Count4858
Water Capacity375 Gallons350 Gallons
Circulation PumpThe EnergyPro® Circulation Pump operates continuously to keep your spa water clean and clear without overtaxing the jets.Filtration cycles can be programmed.
Jet PumpA 2.5 HP single-speed pump and a 2.5 HP dual-speed pump.2 pumps / 320 gpm.
Power Requirements230 volts / 50 amps240 volts / 30 or 50 amps
Ozone SystemThe Monarch® CD Ozone System (included) continuously sends concentrated ozone bubbles into the water to neutralize contaminants.The standard Corona Discharge Ozonator converts oxygen into activated ozone gas-killing bacteria.
Water Care OptionsThe FROG @ease In-Line with SmartChlor® and Minerals Cartridge System or the SpaFrog® In-Line Bromine and Minerals System makes maintenance easy with pre-filled cartridges and a low, consistent chlorine level.ConstantClean™ and the SpaCare line of water care products make maintaining the hot tub simple.
InsulationDurable FiberCor® insulation keeps water hot year-round while lowering energy costs.The Reward® is fully insulated with foam to reduce energy costs and keep the spa water warm.
Entertainment System Options6 speakers, wireless Bluetooth® sound system, subwoofer, and a 22” HD wireless monitor.Adaigo™ audio, twin speakers with subwoofer, FM radio, and device connectivity through port or Bluetooth®.
Filters100 sq. ft. filter.35 or 25 sq. ft. dual filters with Microban® technology.
Cabinet ColorsStylish Avante® Cabinetry, available in Brownstone, Slate, and Sand.DuraWood™ Cabinetry, available in Espresso, Ash, and Teak.
Shell ColorsArctic White, Platinum, Pearl, Pacific Rim, Tuscan Sun, and Midnight Canyon.Alba, Winter Solstice, Mayan Copper, Tuscan Sun, Glacier, Cameo, Sierra Granite, Sterling Silver Swirl, and Midnight Canyon.
Control SystemThe full-color Advent® LCD touchscreen control system is intuitively designed and includes an auxiliary control panel.An analog LCD spa-facing control panel allows you to customize the force of H.O.T. Zone jets and the flow by zone.
Water FeaturesThe Acquarella Waterfall with LED lighting.Dual Roman fountains with LED backlighting.
Lighting FeaturesSpaGlo® Multi-Zone LED lighting enhances the mood with 10 points of interior lighting and 4 corner exterior lights.Constellations™ LED interior lighting around the hot tub below the waterline, and exterior lighting.
CoverA 3.5" to 2.5" tapered foam-core insulated cover with 2 lb.-density maximizes spa performance and efficiency. Available in Chocolate, Slate, and Taupe.Insulated cover with linear heat seal, available in Walnut or Charcoal.

Choosing the Ultimate Home Hot Tub

A hot tub is more than the sum of its parts; how you plan on using it will also figure greatly in your final decision. Because no two spa collections are exactly alike, you’ll need to judge them on the most important criteria—performance, comfort, and design.

  • Reliable Performance. You’ll want a hot tub that provides forceful jets for hydrotherapy and gentler settings for more relaxing soaks. Since the best hot tub is one that is used every day, you’ll want performance paired with masterful engineering.
  • Comfort. The best hot tub for you enhances the spa experience with special features and precise control over them. Stimulating hydrotherapy massage should give way to soothing bubbles with minimal fiddling.
  • Superb Design. You deserve a hot tub that exhibits the great care put into its manufacturing and design. A spa should be beautiful, flawless, and good match for your home, while at the same time providing the comforts of modern technology and engineering.
Your perfect hot tub should provide years of relaxation.

Narrowing Down Your Hot Tub Choices

When offered, a test soak at your local spa dealer will allow you to experience jet performance, work the controls, and more, so you can take home the spa that best suits your needs.

This article was researched and written by the Caldera Spas content team and makes every effort to be an unbiased features comparison. Content is based on current online information published on the brand websites.

Learn more about the Tahitian and the other hot tubs in the Caldera Utopia® Series by downloading the Utopia® Series brochure now.

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