Why I Love My Caldera Spas Hot Tub

At Caldera® Spas, we are passionate hot tub enthusiasts. Our company, Watkins Wellness®, is the leading manufacturer of hot tubs and spas and we live and breathe our products.

Meet Kookie Abad. She’s a Watkins Wellness employee and is a passionate hot-tubber. We’re featuring her story in a blog series about the people behind our products. We love sharing our employee’s personal stories about how their spas have changed their lives.

The Hot Tub is My Happy Place

“My hot tub is the place I go to unwind from a busy day and find the solitude I need to release daily tension. I can process my thoughts and refocus. So when the Geneva we’ve had for 16 years needed replacing due to a small leak, we were without our spa for several months. Since 20-minute hot tub therapy had become a part of my routine, I knew I could not live without it and would soon replace it.  But circumstances left me without my place of solitude and reflection for several months.

There’s something so soothing about being outdoors, looking up at the sky, surrounded by swirling hot water.  It relaxes tense muscles, eases my cluttered mind, and opens up new perspectives.



the utopia geneva under a gazebo to protect you from the sun



One particularly rough day, I came home from work and could not seem to shake the stresses of the day.  I told my husband that I missed the hot tub so much I was almost in tears.  That moment confirmed to me that my hot tub truly is “my happy place.” We made the decision to replace our tub with a brand -new Geneva – the same model we fell in love with 16 years ago. Although the leak was most likely repairable, after seeing the redesign of the Utopia series, I fell in love with the updated design and features.

It happened that the hot tub delivery date fell on the day before a week-long camping trip we had planned. We actually came home from our trip a day early so we could finally soak in our new hot tub!”



the newest model of the utopia geneva hot tub fits any backyard decor design



Hot Tub Time: Better Than Dinner Table Conversations

“As a mom of three grown boys, I’m always looking for ways to connect with them and find out what’s going on in their world (without prodding or “interrogating” them). Our hot tub has been in our family for 16 years and it’s the one place they will open up and put more than three words together in a sentence.



smiling son and mom pose to talk about hot tub quality family time



When my oldest son, who has been out of the house for nearly eight years, comes over for dinner, he always wants to soak in the spa.  One evening, after a few minutes of relishing the quiet and the darkening sky in our hot tub, he casually mentioned, “I met a girl.” (That’s four words!!) After giving me a very brief description, I asked “What do you like about her?” His eyes bright, he answered “Everything.  It’s scary how much I like her.” In that special moment we shared in our hot tub, I knew she was the one for him.

If we had stayed inside watching sports or relaxing on the couch, he would have been way too distracted by the game, his cell phone, or side conversations with Dad to share his heart with me. I cherish the moments that I have his undivided attention.

Just over one month ago, we celebrated their wedding under a starry sky, surrounded by water in Cabo San Lucas.”



a newlywed couple in formal attire walk barefoot across a beach celebrating their new marriage



If you’re already an owner, we want to hear your stories! Share your own hot tub story here.

Download a Caldera brochure to learn more. At Caldera Spas we take pride in helping you find ways to “Come to Life®.” We know you’re worth it. Feel good. Live well. We’re all in this together.



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