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Named for an island popular among vacationers, the Kauai redefines easy living. The Kauai hot tub seats 3 adults and features the UltraMassage® lounge and EcstaSeat®. Powerful spa jets and conversation seating makes the Kauai a popular 3-person hot tub.

3 Adults
7' x 5'5" x 29.5"
213 cm x 165 cm x 75 cm
Water Care
FreshWater® Salt System Ready

“This model is the perfect spa when downsizing. This is our 5th spa, second Caldera, and is so far the easiest to maintain. The salt water system is so efficient we hardly use any additional chemicals. The size is easy for getting in and out of as we age.”

Kauai Spa Owner, Florida

Make It Yours.



  • Parchment
  • Ash
  • Java


  • Arctic White
  • White Pearl
  • Desert
  • Tuscan Sun
  • Midnight Canyon
  • Arctic White
  • White Pearl
  • Desert
  • Tuscan Sun
  • Midnight Canyon
  • Arctic White
  • White Pearl
  • Desert
  • Tuscan Sun
  • Midnight Canyon

Actual colors and product may differ from on screen representation. Additional charges may apply to particular combinations. Contact your local dealer to verify spa details.

Your Massage Your Way.


Your Massage Your Way.

Hot Tub Circuit Therapy

Circulate through five stations in the Kauai that target muscles in your neck, back, calves and feet.

Best Seat in the House.

UltraMassage® Lounge

Neck, shoulders, middle back, calf and foot jets soothe and delight.


Multiple jets focus on large muscles in your back, as well as targeted wrist jets.

LumbarSsage® Seat

A unique jet configuration relieves tension and pain in your back’s lumbar region.

Angled Calf Jets

Calf jets in the lounge help to work muscles in the lower leg.

Sole Soothers®

Located in the UltraMassage lounge, these jet clusters stimulate and revive the muscles in your feet.

Features That Transform.

Freshwater® salt system

Longer lasting, natural-feeling water that won’t irritate eyes or dry out skin.

EcoTech® Cabinet

Available in three contemporary colors with specially chosen wood grain and metallic accents, you can coordinate your spa with your house or patio.

Foot Ridge®

Anchors and holds you in place while powerful jets work on sore muscles.

Hot Tub Essentials.


Each hot tub comes equipped with a custom-built cover, made to the exact measurements of your spa. This ensures a tight seal for optimum energy efficiency. The durable, marine-grade vinyl cover includes child safety locks and is UL listed in compliance with ASTM standards.

Cover Lifters

A hot tub cover lifter is an essential spa accessory that protects your spa, the cover, and your investment. Designed to allow one person to effortlessly remove and replace the cover, a lifter makes it easy for you to be in your spa in seconds.


We offer color-matched hot tub steps to help you enter and exit your spa with ease.

Kauai® Specifications.

  • Seating Capacity
    3 Adults
  • Dimensions
    7' x 5'5" x 29.5" / 213cm x 165cm x 75cm
  • Water Capacity
    230 gallons / 875 liters
  • Weight (dry)
    740 lbs. / 335 kg
  • Weight (filled)
    3,185 lbs. / 1,450 kg
  • Jet Count
    31 Total Jets
  • Energy Efficiency
    Fully-insulated with FiberCor® material, 2 lb. density; Certified to
    the California Energy Commission (CEC) in accordance with California law
  • Branding
    Branding Decal on cabinet
  • Bottom Seal
    Poly Sheet
  • Insulating Cover
    3.5" to 2.5" tapered, 1.5 lb.-density foam core
  • Spa Shell Options
    Arctic White, White Pearl, Tuscan Sun, Midnight Canyon, or Desert
  • Cabinet Type
    EcoTech® Cabinet
  • Cabinet & Step Colors
    Java, Ash, or Parchment
  • Cover Lifter
    ProLift®, ProLift II, ProLift III, or ProLift IV
  • Cover Colors
    Chocolate, Slate, or Taupe
  • Cover Design
  • Entertainment System
    (Optional) Wireless Bluetooth® Sound System, Wireless TV
  • Step Type
    (Optional) EcoTech® or Polymer
  • Cool Zone
  • Jets
    24 Euro, 5 VersaSsage®,
    2 Euro-Pulse®
  • Water Care Systems
    FreshWater® Salt System Ready
  • Ultramasseuse System
  • Jet Pumps
    1 ReliaFlo® Pump; 1 Single-Speed
    2.0 HP (4.0 BHP)
  • Control System
    Advent® LCD Control System
  • Circulation Pump
    EnergyPro® Circulation Pump
  • Heater Output
    EnergyPro® Titanium Heater (4,000 Watts)
  • Electrical Requirements
    230V / 50 amp
  • Gfci Sub-panel
  • Filter Size
    50 sq. ft.
  • Ozone System
    (Optional) Corona Discharge
  • Water Feature
  • Multi-color Led Lighting
    SpaGlo® 7 Points-of-Interior Lights
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