5 Ways To Make The Perfect Hot Tub Retreat

You’ve found and purchased the “perfect” hot tub, picked out the best location in the backyard, filled it full of fresh water, and are ready to unwind. But wait just one moment! Have you considered how you can increase the benefits of your investment further by creating a spa-like environment around it?

After all, why settle for a hot tub in the backyard when you can create a personalized outdoor retreat with these five simple steps.

  • Have fluffy towels, or robes, at the ready –  One way to create the experience of being at your favorite spa is to have a hutch or cabinet full of plush, fluffy white towels ready to comfort you after stepping out of the hot tub. This is especially handy for those living in cooler climates; winter is coming. If you are feeling extra inspired-pop the towels in the dryer for a few minutes before sticking them in the cabinet.
  • Play soothing music– We’ve all enjoyed listening to crashing waves, rainforest sounds, or meditation bells during a massage. Bring that home by creating a playlist or downloading an App with your favorite soothing sounds, classical music or jazz.
  • Scented candles & oils – Surround your Caldera spa with your favorite scented candles. Or, purchase an oil diffuser and a few essential oils. Lavender is perfect for a nightcap, while peppermint, jasmine and rose can help boost moods by targeting the endocrine system. Citrus flavors like orange, lemon and grapefruit are energizing, motivating and floral scents like gardenia are romantic and wistful. If you’re not a fan of candles or oils, try adding rose petals or outdoor twinkle lights to add a bit of magic.
  • Simple snacks and drinks – Make a citrus tea with slices of fresh lemons, oranges and limes to enjoy in a chilled glass while soaking in your hot tub. In the colder months, a warm green or peppermint tea will do the trick. Bring a small plate or bowl with fresh orange or cucumber slices, or mixed nuts.
  • Outdoor seating – Create a space to sit, before or after, your time in the spa and reflect on the day, catch up with your family or friends, read a book, journal or enjoy your snacks. Something as simple as an outdoor loveseat, hammock, lounge chairs or a few outdoor throw pillows in the grass and voila! By extending the opportunities to recharge outside of the hot tub you’ll create a backyard spa the whole family will love and enjoy.

These are a just a few ideas to make your hot tub a personalized spa retreat for you and your family. For more ideas, read 3 Ways to Quickly Update Your Backyard. What have you done to create your own spa oasis in your backyard? Share your comments, suggestions and favorite items below.

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