Ashley’s Caldera Spas Story: A Way To Renew

I like to think of relaxation as the simple refocusing of my energy. Caldera® spa owner Ashley describes it best in the video below when she says, “I have found that the spa energizes and relaxes me at the same time.” Her hot tub has helped her find a way to relax her body and energize her mind and spirit each day. So, like me, she takes the time to refocus her energy by spending time in her Caldera spa. With her hot tub just steps beyond her back door, Ashley is able to end each evening with a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of self. The obstacles and challenges of the day are washed away by the comforting water and warmth of her Caldera spa. The soothing jets, bubbling water, and the warmth—I feel relaxed and energized just thinking about it.



Since we can’t be in our hot tubs all the time, here are some techniques I have found to help refocus my energy throughout the day.

How to Relax with Music & Sound

Few things speak to my soul the same way music does. I strive to listen to music everyday. Like hot tubbing, time spent enjoying an aria or the latest hit by Adele can lift my spirits and completely change my frame of mind. In fact, scientists in the U.K. say there’s even a formula for creating relaxing songs. Not surprisingly, their sound principle correlates music beats with heart rate levels. Soothing music can actually slow the heart’s BPM, thereby reducing stress levels. When you break it down, it’s not rocket science – it’s just plain science. It’s a bit like saying sitting in a hot tub reduces stress because being submerged in warm water creates hydrostatic pressure which eases helps the circulatory system perform better. Who knew? Now you do!

How to Relax using Meditation

I’ve mentioned the health benefits of meditation in previous blog posts, and I find the practice integral to my daily routine (sometimes I even integrate meditation into my time in the hot tub — two birds, one stone!). Meditation has been shown to lower blood pressure, increase positive emotions, and improve productivity.Breathing exercises have also been shown to provide many of the same benefits meditation can provide.

How Food may Help You Relax

There are even several foods that can help with your stress levels, including green tea, fresh fruit, and dark chocolate. Eating well and getting the proper nourishment can positively impact your mood. Give it a try and you’ll notice that keeping a healthy balance of nutrient and calorie intake will have you feeling  great, and probably encourage you to continue to be more mindful of other aspects of your wellness. Here are five healthy lunch ideas to get you started (yum!).

Do you have your own techniques to set stress aside and emerge renewed, refreshed and ready to return to the tasks in your daily life? Share them in the responses below.

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