Getting The Most From Your Hot Tub

What you get out of your hot tub is better than what you put into it. That’s just a funny way to say that if you’re like me, you’ll always feel changed for the better when you get out of the water.

What I love about my Caldera hot tub is that it’s not one dimensional. I can use it many different ways. Often times, I’ll soak in the hot tub to relax, and by that I mean a complete reboot. I sit and close my eyes. No lights. No jets. No movement. I just sit in the warmth and clear my mind. Twenty minutes later, I feel drained, but in the best way possible.

Other times, I really use the hot tub.  I love the design of the seats and the massage I get by moving from seat to seat. Maybe that’s all you want, but many times, I’m up and moving around like a gymnast, stretching and working different parts of my body. I’m pretty small (a bit of a shrimp, actually), so there’s plenty of room in my Martinique, even though it’s the smallest of the Paradise models.

Sometimes, I’ll move to line up a jet with a hip flexor, then flop around to line up with the other one. Other times, I’ll even stand and lean forward to concentrate the jets on my anterior tibialis (basically my shin).

In a way, it’s what a really love about owning a hot tub. People tend to think you just sit in one and turn on the jets. But my Caldera hot tub is much more flexible than that. Basically, it’s entirely up to you. You can sit quietly and relax. You can move around and stretch to limber up and improve your flexibility. You can sit and concentrate the massage on a specific sore muscle or knot.

Or you can move around from seat to seat to get a full body massage that targets all the major muscle groups. See what I mean about it being multi-dimensional?

You can also share that time and space with someone and just get caught up. Talk to one another without phones or texts or email. A real and genuine connection. Some people here at Caldera say that time in the hot tub is the one time every day when they can really get caught up with their husband or wife, free of distractions or interruptions.

Or another way we look at it here at Caldera, you get the benefit above the water (mental benefits), under the water (physical, muscular, massage benefits) and beyond the water (benefits to professional life and relationships).

It’s all a matter of what you need or want on any given day. And no matter how you use your hot tub, I think it’s all about replenishing what you’ve lost or expended on any given day. It gives me a physical, mental, and emotional boost. So what about you? How do you get the most from your hot tub?

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