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Perceptions of hot tubs have changed so dramatically over the years. As has the reality of how they're actually used.

Thirty years ago, if I had to describe what a hot tub is used for, I might have said "party."

Now, I'd be more likely to say “massage” or “balance” or “personal improvement.” Today's hot tub is about complete rejuvenation. You never get out of a hot tub feeling the same way you did when you got in. You're more relaxed, soothed. You're restored on many levels.

A Caldera hot tub is also a serious therapeutic tool for treating tired, sore muscles. In about 20 minutes every day, you can get a restorative massage that relaxes, works knots out of tense muscles while increasing circulation and reducing aches and pains. Every day! Imagine what that can do for you over time.

Caldera hot tubs are designed specifically to deliver a full-body massage. It's an innovative design idea called Hot Tub Circuit Therapy and it's patterned after circuit weight training where you move from station to station, performing different exercises that help you work all your major muscle groups.

But in a Caldera hot tub, each station is a relaxing seat with jets aligned to focus on massaging those same muscle groups. You can adjust the intensity of that massage at any station from a gentle sensation to a deep, penetrating massage.

  • Your first stop might be the seat that focuses on your back. Two rows of jets work on the back muscles on both sides of your spine, focusing on the latissimus dorsi, the rhomboid muscles and the trapezius. Some Caldera models have jets for your hands and your calves.
  • From there, selected models have independently controlled jets above the water level that massage downward on tired neck muscles.
  • Move again, and work on the lumbar area of your lower back. A pair of larger jets focuses on the low part of your back where tension tends to accumulate and where many lower back problems develop.
  • Continuing to focus on the back, a high-volume jet at the next station delivers a swirling effect.
  • Then on to one of the other areas where the jets focus on the long muscles on the back of the thigh. While jets work on your hamstrings, others are at work on your knees, calves and feet.
  • A personal favorite—the Sole Soothers® jets—massage the bottoms of your feet. You have no idea how much this helps you feel refreshed until you've used it a few times. It's a foot massage whenever you want without having to beg.

I like that there are no mandatory movements here, and no special order that you need to follow. Some days, you'll just want to focus on one problem area. Other days, you'll want a top-to-bottom massage. It's all up to you. But no matter how you do it, you'll leave your hot tub feeling FAR better than when you started.

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