It’s In The Seat

Is one hot tub seat the same as another?

Working at Caldera, I can tell you they’re as different as office chairs, chairs you use at home, lounge chairs, beach chairs.

Some are simple and utilitarian. Some are designed for comfort, and some of those actually are (comfortable). Some are designed to look unique without much attention to comfort. Few are alike, and spa seats are no different.

In our industry, among the people who design and build hot tubs, Caldera is known (among other things) for comfort. And after using a Caldera hot tub and many others, I personally think a lot of that has to do with the seat design.

It’s all about posture. Our seats have a deep well that just cradles you comfortably. You feel like you’re wrapped up in a cocoon. Also—and you won’t find this line in Caldera brochures or ads, but you hear it around our offices­­­­—we put your butt below your knees.

Personally, I think it’s a great idea.

It makes the seat like a comfortable cradle that decompresses your spine and keeps you aligned. Combined with the buoyancy of the water, the seat’s design releases pressure off the parts of your body that are under pressure all day.

The seat is also designed that way to keep the water’s buoyancy from floating you out of the seat, which is especially nice for smaller people. There’s a foot ridge unique to Caldera spas that keeps you in your seat even when the jets are on high so that you can relax and enjoy the massage. After trying seats in other spas, I can tell you there’s nothing more frustrating than fighting the water to stay seated and stable. How can you relax if you’re using muscles for balance and bouncing around in your seat like a cork?

When it comes down to it, Caldera is a company of hot tubbers and people here take a really thoughtful approach to their jobs. The design of the seats is just one part of the comfort equation, and I think our folks do equally well on the other parts, too.


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