The Magic Elixir For Better Health Is Water


Are You Drinking Enough?  (Part 1)

Imagine a beverage you could drink that would make your mind sharper and your skin smoother. It could even reduce pain and the risk of many diseases. It requires little investment of time or preparation and it’s essentially FREE. No co-pay required. But there is one catch.
Knowing about it isn’t enough; you actually have to consume it.
Yes, that Magic Elixir is water. And like you, I know it’s a good idea to drink plenty of the stuff. I see people carrying water bottles everywhere I go so it seems we’ve all got the same sense that hydrating is a good thing.  
So how much water should we be drinking every day?
There’s a lot of debate about how much is enough, but what seems to be commonly accepted is the 8 of 8 rule (eight, 8 oz. glasses of water a day). And if you’re sticking to that rule then you’re in the minority, because it’s estimated that 75% of Americans don’t drink enough water.
If you’re like me, you’ve probably resolved to drink more water and then found yourself forgetting until mid-day. Soon you’re out of the habit again.
Did you know the thirst mechanism declines as we age? And that our brains often interpret thirst as hunger? In yet another cruel trick of nature, our body is no longer telling us to hydrate the way it once did.
Here’s a suggestion for replacing the natural reminder to drink up.
1. Get a small glass. Eight ounces is not intimidating and you can easily finish it. Think of the shortest white paper coffee cup you can get at a large, national coffee chain…the one with the mermaid. That’s an 8 oz. serving.
2. Set your computer, watch, phone, tablet or even a good, old-fashioned cooking timer to chime every hour. When you hear the cue, take a one minute break and drink your small glass of water. The first thing you’ll notice when the chime goes off is just how quickly the hour has passed. You’d probably have missed it without that reminder.
If you do that eight or 10 times a day, you’ve spent about 10 minutes or less making a HUGE improvement to your health.

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