Mike’s Story: The Importance Of Recovery

One of the things I've found most important in leading a healthy lifestyle is balance. Every ounce of energy I spend on strenuous activity and exercise is balanced by adequate recovery time. Even as an athlete I still have to remind myself of the importance of recovery. After a workout I spend time in the spa, a place to close my eyes, rejuvenate my tired muscles, and grant my body ample time to turn off, and just move with the water.

Competitive athletes also benefit from the power of warm water. Caldera spa owner Mike, a professional racquetball player, trains and pushes his body daily, and then heads to his spa for recovery. Mike describes the feeling of muscle recovery in the video below: ”Almost immediately I can feel the tension and pain going out of my muscles and out of my body.”

Hydrotherapy is a part of my healthy lifestyle, as well as Mike's. Listening to our bodies helps us deal with muscle soreness, and allocate the proper time for recovery.

Why Do My Muscles Ache?

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or DOMS, is a contributing factor to the aches I feel in my body after a tough workout. As I push my body during exercise, my muscles experience microscopic tears, making them feel tender and sore. After a workout lactic acid and other toxins can build up in muscles, causing tension and pain. The soreness peaks about 24-48 hours after activity, and when these microscopic tears heal, my muscles become stronger and more resilient.

How I Relieve My Sore Muscles

Here is a list of common remedies I find helpful in my recovery:

1. Ice the affected area to reduce swelling.

2. Drink water to stay hydrated and prevent cramping.

3. Include Black Cherry Juice and turmeric in my diet, as they are great natural remedies for joint pain relief.

4. Use a tennis ball to give my muscles an at-home massage.

Lucky Caldera owners already have access to both massages and hot water through the spa's hydromassage options. Like Mike, I find that hot tubbing is integral to maintaining balance in my life, and helps me to continue focusing on living a healthful lifestyle.

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