Quick Tip For Muscle Relief—Now!

Have you ever walked outside just before sunrise? The oranges, yellows, and reds stretching across the sky seem endless. Every morning I gift myself a beautiful sunrise, and the stillness of a quiet city. Before the hustle and bustle begins I head out for my morning run. With every stride I smile to myself, grateful for my strength, and all of the positive things around me. When you run you start to notice the little things, like the simple wave from another runner--effortless, friendly, and unexpected. After a morning run I feel refreshed, energized, and ready to conquer the world. While the passion fuels me, it hasn't come without a few aches and pains. Post run I typically feel tired and sore, my muscles tight and screaming from that extra push. I've adapted to the post run muscle fatigue by modifying my recovery routine, and often seeking out a massage therapist. The twenty years I've spent running have taught me that the tightness and discomfort cannot be ignored.

Enter warm water. Seriously—enter.

My dad raved about warm water massage growing up. He often went outside to “loosen up” before a basketball game, sinking in to the warm water, and envisioning his future game winning shot (or so I was told). What I learned from my dad, and now as an adult is that warm water massage allows athletes like my dad and I the ability to live with greater flexibility and muscle relief. I can do the things I want to do and when—then do them again. Not only does the warm water and circuit therapy usher in a state of calm, but my muscles become relaxed and lengthened, opening up blood flow and removing toxins and chemicals.

When the water bubbles up around me I look around, take in the trees, the moon, and the feeling of pure relaxation running through my entire body. I get out of the spa feeling better than when I got in, my body warm, and my muscles thanking me for the recovery session. Recovery is about giving your body and muscles the chance to come back to life. I know that after granting my body the twenty minutes it deserves it will come back stronger, faster, and ready to go.

Watch as our national trainer Scott Iverson shares some fascinating details about warm water and massage. Gift your body the recovery it deserves and live a better life. We'd love to hear what you think of Scott's beach-side chat!

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